Al-Fatihah ~ to Nizar Samten


On last thursday 5th March,  Nizar ( the guy who watching safwan bird playing psp ) passed away due to.. what happens to be he fallen unconcious during his ride on his motorcycle on evening Friday 27 feb. He have a head injury not because of he’s not tied his helmet nor he’s riding/rempiting too fast to take away his life, but because of the shock when he fall and surprisingly, he has a blood clot inside his brain. It is unknown since when he have that blood clot. With that condition + his heart have a lower heartbeat + unable to pump blood to his body + requiring a life support, the doc said he have 1% of surviving.

Al-Fatihah + condolences to his family.

I’ve been with him at Samten from Form 1 till Form 3, playing futsal together, playing chess with him at LB6 ( altogether with fuad ) and he’s a great carrom player too. I played carrom during my feet wounded by mirror-edge that was on the floor, so end up playing carrom with him. I spent my night before going to sleep by playing chess with him, with most of the time I won and on weird condition he won back. After dawn prayers (solat maghrib) we usually lied inside mosque, taking a nap altogether with Munzir, and of course, a lot of Samten guys. He’s also one of a guy usually fast on Monday and Thursday, and I know this because I’m fasting too. He’s famously called Gaban, for which the reason will be only known by samten boys. When I play futsal, either I become a ‘back’ / defense line with him, or he’s saving my arse before the opponents could send a goal that I protected when I became the goalkeeper. Although I’m not a great player, but he’s always there to back me up. Shouting

‘Mok!, Mok! ‘

I’m fat and still fat. Mok is a short from Gemuk.

I have his picture with me on my last day coming to samten before I go to taiping, but I don’t have a scanner to scan it. The picture above was taken during the last Samten gathering back on 2007. for 2008, maybe hurriyyah have the pictures of him. The last time I met him maybe.. that time. Remembering my memories with him made my heart cry, but this eye won’t.

Sorry for the late update, on late friday I receive a news that my uncle been admitted to Hospital, and I’m at Tanjung Karang from Saturday till Sunday.

Mar 2009

5 Responses to : Al-Fatihah ~ to Nizar Samten

  1. oDiN says:

    semoga dia ditempatkan dengan orang yang beriman .

  2. akira says:

    al-fatihah. semoga roh beliau di cucuri rahmat.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin + akira – thx :)

  4. dendang says:

    oo..dia school mate ko..padan la jumpe ko time hari tuh..
    aku kenal die time aku intern kat office die dlu..

    Semoga roh arwah nizar dicucuri rahmat…

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    dendang – la jumpe aku tak tegur ke.. aku ni dah la pelupa huhu. Amin InsyaAllah

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