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dsc_0165_23communications is all about being heard and be informed.

Apple always claim they do their part towards green earth by publicizing on how small their Macs boxes. Although most of other manufacturer did it too, but Apple state it clearly so people love it.

Apple makes themselves being heard

And I also want to tell you that I didn’t accept plastics if I can hold it in my hand, or can simply carry it to Jehuty’s rack or Anubis. Alternatively, I carry a small cute tote bag written PlayStation 3 or a big but still cute ‘triangle, circle, cross, rectangle’ PlayStation tote bag ( see pics ). Inside that bag, you can find stuff that I bought like food, notepad, whatever.

No, they didn’t sponsor me to do this advertisement.

To buy those recyclable bags you can get at Jusco for about RM2.

Again, this is not an advertisement.

But the importance to convey the message, make yourself heard.

Don’t ever kept any doubts, question, info, love, knowledge for yourself. If you ask when you’re lost. If you’re a freelancer, then make yourself a stunning portfolio. If you extremely confident on your skills, publish your resume. If you love something, talk about it. If you love someone, confess about it to that person. If you have doubts about projects, ask. If you have opinion to some project,disregard whether your opinion is useless or not, just convey your opinion. If you’re a company wanted more business, then promote your company and make your existence has a mark on earth.

Turn the tables.

If you don’t ask, you might lost. If you’re freelancer and didn’t make a portfolio for you, who will know you? If you don’t publish your resume, people wouldn’t know about your skills. If you don’t talk about what you love, how can you expect someone else to share stuff that you love. If you don’t confess to your love, how will they know that you love them? If you don’t talk about your doubts about the projects, who to blame when your doubts become true? Too late to say ‘I already doubted about this’. If you didn’t voiced out your opinion, how the hell you know your opinion is useful or not? And if you wanted more business but didn’t promote your company, how can you expect a streams of money coming in?

Because you’re afraid of rejection.

You afraid someone would tell you’re suck at finding your own way. You afraid of somebody would tell your portfolio is bullcrap. You afraid to hear people belittle your resume and your skills. You afraid of what you love is what others hate. You afraid being rejected from the ones that you love. You don’t talk about your doubts to the projects because either you have a pitiful-respect to the others or youjust don’t have guts to talk about it. You didn’t voiced out your opinions because you afraid your opinion is too stupid and people see you as stupid.

All of that is rejection, and reflection of you’re losing.

Please, winning is not everything. Truth is everything – Edogawa Conan/Shinichi Kudo, first encounter with Hatsutori Heiji.

So make yourself heard. Well, not everything of course. As for me, I contribute to ecology by bringing my PlayStation tote bag :)

P/S: WeddingKami temporary pages updated! ( no it’s not my wedding, but a product :)

Mar 2009

5 Responses to : Make yourself heard

  1. Emi says:

    owh yeayy.. weddingkami nyer website dah ade??

  2. Emi says:

    Eyh.. baru abis bace post ko nih. It’s nicee! :)

    So true that we ourself have to make the EFFORT to be heard. Takut of failure or rejection?? It’s a learning process each time we fail or make a mistake.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    emi – Thanks to you, baru ade :p

  4. Pengarah HR KFC Holding pernah cakap dulu (masa aku jadi director 4 Steps). Banyak CEO-CEO kat Malaysia asalnya salesman jual-jual barang je. Dia kata itu yang menjadikan diorang hebat, sebab dah lali untuk tak takutkan ‘rejection’.

    Rasanya zaman Che Mat dulu pun kita dilatih untuk kena reject. Memula kena reject dengan ganas mata berair je masing-masing. Lama-lama semua dah boleh buat muka releks je bila direject haha.

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    edry – timaseh chemat!

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