last wednesday

Last wednesday I sent my father’s car to IIUM, then Sabau picked me and went to Shah Alam, meeting a client. Then, since I’ve no transport so we’ve decided to mobilized at KL Sentral foodcourt. Working for almost 3 hours before I ran out of battery and have to find plug points. It was around 5PM at that moment and I decide just to stay until sunset prayer ( Solat Maghrib ) because I don’t want to be trapped inside transit.

Then, around 8PM, bought a battery replacement for Anne. Her battery inflates most probably because I overcharge it, and it’s an original battery. Nonetheless, that battery already served well since early 2007 from her previous owner, which is a girl, and it’s a realistic lifespan of a battery. Wanted to buy original battery but I decide to give a test for this 3rd party battery, see if it can last longer than original battery.


U can clearly see the battery on your left already inflates. If I continute using it, it may explode. oh well.

Then, back riding KL Monorail to Hang Tuah, and change to LRT Ampang. Saw one guy playing rubik cube with full concentration. arrive around 9PM++ and decide to wait for bus to bukit indah.

10 minutes… relax

20 minutes… oh well wait for 5 minutes more

30 minutes.. WTH

decide to take a taxi. What surprise me is the taxi driver is a full-time architect, and finding some extra money at night by driving taxi. i’m puzzled. economic must be soo bad perhaps. then he told me that the bus at my area is totally late, and i was the N-person to complaint about the late service in that area.

oh well, that’s the story last week.

Feb 2009
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2 Responses to : last wednesday

  1. fecraze says:

    yo… its been a while..


    saja drop by setelah menggoogle nic sendiri, ;p

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    fecraze – wslm.. gile nerd :p

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