MLM in Twitter OMG

I receive this tweets from the person I followed, but only to find it is actually a new kind of MLM, Internet Marketing.

Paused for a moment, I think this gonna be a long post.

So I click on her tweets and fall upon this Tweeter Getter. For my surprise, it’s kinda have a same layout with typical EBook or any Internet Marketing Guide exist in Malay Language.


Very same type, bold and big text. Holy crap, and of course, the famous triangle system,


At the moment, this is not a monetized services. But I have a hunch that somehow it will be monetized later on.

I’m not joining it because although it attracts follower to follow my tweets, I’ll somehow sharing personal stuff on my tweet so rather not. At least, there’s some corner inside my life called Privacy. Plus, I’m not so keen into this kind of thingy. Sheesh.

Tekong, why you’re not into this kind of thingy?

Take a slight detour, let me told you about MLM in my point of view.

First thing first , MLM, a.k.a Multi Level Marketing. However, what I found out is the people will keep pushing you to join. I mean really, once you shown a bit of interest into that, they will push you and keep calling.

The Downline

And yet, once you’ve joined them, you have to find your underling a.k.a downline. Now that’s funny. The real thing is that you’re not selling the item, but instead, your income majorly came from your downline members. I said this because previously I’m a Prepaid Seller (ROFL PLS ) and I have to find downline to increase my share/precentage on my current selling. Eventhough many people bought prepaid from me, my revenue will not increase if I don’t have many downline below. How was that?

During that time, I was a student who suddenly think of joining this to increase my pocket money. AHA. Aside from daily workers, students also usually interested in joining MLM to find extra money. Usually, these kind of student are not so rich, and driven by the need to have more money, they have to find a way for it and of course, MLM agents nearby them will light the shine of glittering money upon them. Of course, they need to be their downline, and you have to find your downline and your downline have to find their downline and they have to find their downline. Has it been a Triangle/MultiLevel System? yes of course.

What makes me become more sadder is because sometimes, the person who fall upon this kind of trap are usually the person who are at the edge of their life ( because of money ) and yet, fork out some money only to find that it’s a useless thing.These kind of people usually get attracted with “have your financial freedom” headline. Just look at their headline, how persuasive. Sleep and wake up with money haha!


Of course, some of you guys will backfire me said “Tekong, If you’re hardworking you sure can make money”. Hello, I have to find downline to get more money and yet, they also need to find their downline to earn more. And your income does not come primarily from product selling, but the membership of your downline. Imagine when you selling prepaid and you asking them to be your downline, WTF wei! ( haha wtf myself )

You may disagree with me and if you want to join MLM that’s your decision. All I can say is to think about it carefully. If you’re a playboy or playgirl and have a high level of charm to attract people, go ahead. No, my upline was never like both of them LOL. And If youre a MLM user and have made a lot of money, Congratulations! and if you’re were once MLM victim ( like me) welcome to the club lol.

Soon, many of internet marketers who have twitter will join this TweeterGetter I’m sure. If they’re MLM marketers, they will join Twitter haha. I have no problem with people who add me in Twitter and they wrote about credible stuff, but to have that kind of Autopilot Add is just hilarious.

( if you could understand Indonesian Language – click here )

Feb 2009

6 Responses to : MLM in Twitter OMG

  1. oDiN says:

    MLM sucks ..
    nuff said ..

  2. Firdaus says:

    MLM is not beautiful nor create any real value, so it will not make much money in the long run.

  3. aman says:

    hmm…tak lama lagi banyak ar akaun kena blacklist oleh Twitter. Huhu.

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – nuff said mcm ocean thirteen la plak
    firdaus – yup.. it’s a closed cycle i think
    aman – kita tunggu saja… nnt ada la sesiapa yg suruh duplicate twitter tu utk wat memende cmni haha

  5. mclelun says:

    I doesn’t like MLM and pyramid scheme as well. Because most of the time, people that make good money, is those who start it.

    But they are not the scariest thing. The are some seminar/workshop for self-development that operate like a cult group which is more scarier.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    mclelun – oho.. those training-motivational camp.. ya I’m scared also.. because I’ve been through it a lot lol

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