Finding your clock expert – Sylar in Malaysia

Last 2 months I was ranting in my twitter wanted to find a Casio Store. That time, my watch, Shocky or G-Shock DW6990 ( old model ) ran out of battery. I went to 5-6 stores to check out new G-Shock watch but decided that my watch maybe just need a replacement. One one day, I went to the clock store at The Mall at the Lower Ground Floor. Gave my watch for inspection what’s wrong with him ( my G-Shock is male LOL ) and he said I have to wait for 20 minutes like that. Walkaround at The Mall, then going back to that clock store, the repairmen, Chinese dudes in his 20-30++, told me that my G-Shock already dead, and recommend me to buy a new watch, with discount 20%.

I go WTH. I resist for that offer, saying that his store doesn’t have G-Shock that I want such as Protrek. ( being Kiasu is one of my ego HAHAH ) Then he offer me to send to Casio Malaysia but again, I need something wearable on my hand so I said nevermind.I rather wear a dead clock than not wearing anything on my hand.

Back at home, I’m asking my dad any recommended clock store, since he’s also a watch-collector, and he suggesting me to go to Pekan Ampang, there’s an old Chinese uncle operating a clock store in front of police station Pekan Ampang.

Decided to meet him, and guess what, he said that I only need a new battery and that Shocky rubber bracket has been missing. And for just RM 12, it’s been fixed. He was so passionate about his work and even let me see how he works.

And just now, my father’s watch malfunctioned. He went to Pertama Complex and the repairmen ( I didn’t know which clock store he went ), told him that the metal band of his watch need a replacement that will cost RM 400. With dodgy reason such as – “this watch is like this, once it wear’s out it needs replacement”. Off course the repairmen hunger for money because my father’s clock pretty expensive. My father felt something fishy and he went to meet the same old uncle at Pekan Ampang.

Guess what, he only need to spend for about RM60 for modification on his watch’s metal band. And my father said that only to trust that uncle, for another repairmen sometimes bring the clocks inside and doesn’t let you see the process of repair. That uncle is proven expert, with certificate of Repairmen/Craftmanship in Casio/Tissot/Seiko and many more clock-manufacturers hanging up at his old store, he treat our clock just like Sylar, rotating the dials, pressing the buttons, and even listen to the tempo of the clock, he’s a real expert and will know the problem pretty fast.

I’f i’m going to reside in Ampang till my old days, that’s one of my words that will be passed to my generation. Sylar in Ampang, Malaysia.

And talking about Shocky, I’ve been using this watch since form 4, it has seen throught me for 8 years ( starting with 2001 ) I guess it’s not yet the time for him to resign his faithful duty yet.

Feb 2009

9 Responses to : Finding your clock expert – Sylar in Malaysia

  1. Firdaus says:

    There’s another uncle like this at Kompleks Teruntum, Kuantan. But then, I have a tendency to lose my watch rather than have it malfunction though.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – then u don’t need sylar, but need the little girl Molly who can track your watch hjehe

  3. hoursmile says:

    Apa la nasib kita ni bro… my watch also ran out of batery… pagi2 nak kuar ngk jam masih 3.30am…. huhuhuh

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    hoursmile – bro? oo ni mesti rauf :p

  5. G-Shock, satu jenama yang sangat best bagi aku untuk jam dan baru dapat satu. Kalau nak backhand orang pun sedap 😛

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    izuddin.helmi – waw ko dpt yg mana? protrek? mudman ? aku pernah jadikan gshock aku sbg tukul.. huahuahua

  7. eye says:

    ader gak website yg show how to replace gshock battery

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    eye – tapi kang longgar mampos masuk air huhu

  9. Ah Long says:

    What is this Sylar uncle shop name? Really helpful if you gave it to the reader. Thanks

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