Between two standards

Yesterday my father came back from work and told us, the family, the stuff that he heard on the radio on his way to work during morning.

==my father
I was on my way to work and I tune to KLFM (if i’m not mistaken ) The DJ was asking the listeners, “how’s your day today?” and then there comes a call, a woman,

Women = Hi DJ. today is not a great day because I’m busy and everyday I always have a cup of Starbucks Coffee in Ampang Point. So I’m not having it today because I’m busy and I’m not feeling great today.

( My note = I didn’t recall if there’s a Starbucks in Ampang Point, but what I’m clear is there’s San Francisco Coffee. If outside the building, there’s Coffee Bean. Maybe this women mean either San Francisco or Coffee bean, but if she had her coffee everyday, I wonder where is Starbucks Ampang Point. )

And then the second caller comes in, a male taxi driver.
DJ = how’s your day today?
Taxi Driver= I’m not feeling great because the caller previously clearly having a cup of expensive coffee everyday. I really wanted to try it but I can’t simply afford it. Too expensive for me. I’ve had never a single cup of it. So I’m not feeling great …


Then my father told me how the taxi driver voice-alike. Sounds so pity, and evenmore it goes on the air. Before I slept last night, I was re-thinking about this issue. Although that taxi driver is anonymous to me, this issue kinda depressing for me.

Of course, from one side of people will say : I deserve it. It’s my hardwork, blood and sweat and tears.
and another one will say : I’m working all night long, and working hard, but I still can’t afford it.

Even though my father always told me to treat myself, he also ( i think ) never have a single expensive cup of coffee. The expensive he ever had I think maybe from Oldtown or Kluang Station. And he just cameback from village and bought a grind coffee at village that people nearby was rushing to have it, a kopi-timbang. But my father told me the point that woman having it everyday…. is may the point that making the male taxi driver become sad/not great.

My father once asked me – was that coffee really tasty/good/great? I still didn’t think I’m able to answer that question because it was HOT! but judging from the energy that I’ll got/ caffeinated / it may be good because a single cup/americano/or blended will render me lively for almost.. 6 hours without any munchies. But since I decide it was just luxury item, I’ll try to avoid it. Previously I needed it because I need the mobile office, a place of free WiFi spots. Now with Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa provide a better place at cheaper cost, I’m not drinking any luxury item above. Now I really save a lot of money because I’ll drink a coffee at home before mobilizing my office.

Till this line, I’m still clueless on how to conclude this post, so I hope you, visitors and even silent readers, to tell me what you think.

Feb 2009
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10 Responses to : Between two standards

  1. Rashid says:

    The lady was unhappy because she didn’t get her Starbucks fix that day. The cab driver was unhappy because he is too poor to afford a cup of Starbucks coffee. I am unhappy because I am too poor to afford cab fares.

  2. ehsanhanafi says:

    aku pulok pkai internet free dekat2 area starbucks,kenny rogers,old town wite coffee..smpai 3 x-cess spot bleh dpt dgn free..secret recipe pon ade kalo ade hotspot id..
    nk mobile office yg byk x-cess spot..
    lpk la mapley ayza kt sblh metro point kajang..
    dpt kopi mapley yg murah jugak..
    serta internet free..

  3. Najib says:

    well i’ve never feel really really happy and never feel really really unhappy….that’s what i’d called between two standard :)

  4. chapan says:

    different people, different way of feeling happy. subjective imho. i never had starbucks cofee/cofee bean/san fransisco but im content and happy. 😀

    honestly, i would call after the lady too and say practically the same thing what the taxi drive did .. in a sarcastic way tho. 😀

    not happy/having a great day just because she didn’t get her starbucks fix.. boo hoo.. pfft

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    rashid – and yet cabbies are also expensive here. I’ve asked several foreign friends, they said that taxi fares here are expensive.

    ehsanhanafi – tu kalo aku turun kajang la. Speed laju tak? Jusco Setiawangsa = download youtube 150mb = 10-15 menet. Sgt laju oke. lagi laju dari rumahku.

    najib – wth. dude, get a life :p

    chapan – yup true i think, that lady probably didn’t do anything fault, but she do provoke people with her statement like that. I mean we’re in a middle of economic recession yet she … everyday dude! Must be ultimately rich.

    I wonder if that women have blog, and hopping in this conversation. She maybe sipping starbucks at the moment LOL. And for a spin of facts she actually a manager of Starbucks Ampang Point ( if exist ), who happen to have some kinda meetings on yesterday that she unable to visit her cafe to have her daily staff meal and daily fix of caffeine.

  6. Ellem says:

    maybe i’m use to live normal life so those expensive item are not really my cup of “coffee”. even though i’m earning sgd and starbucks coffee is affordable, but i still prefer my ipoh white coffee… either 3 in 1 or get one in old town cafe (and of cos, not everyday xD).

    for the woman that called… maybe she should be more considerate when making such statement. it could be a norm for her but it is actually luxury for most of us.

  7. e2an1 says:

    orang kaya memang macam tu. I’ve heard stories of how people who earn loads per month spend at least 100 bucks a day. Every. single. day.

    and i go through most days spending the least amount possible (tak makan, minum milo jer). Tapi sekali-sekala, spend gila2 on… hobbies…..

  8. simba says:

    Try beli wireless card yang boleh tukar antenna, dan beli antenna yang kuat power dia. Mungkin boleh dapat banyak free access sebab boleh dapat signal lebih kuat. Tak penah try tapi boleh cuba tak? (wireless card yang ade antenna boleh tuko2 ade ke? tak check sebab tak perlu…)

  9. faiz says:

    minum kopi nescafe 3 in 1 sude..hehehe..

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    ellem – it was a truly luxury thing to have everyday o___O

    ezani – 30 hari = 3k. waw.

    simba – err takpena ada gak

    faiz – oligo coco lah :p

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