Idea on a tissue

Yesterday after going for workshop to have Anubis’s scheduled maintenance ( Engine Oil + Gear Oil ), went to JCo Damansara Utama waiting for meeting with my client. Still have 3 hours before it so I decide to ‘mobile office’ at JCo Giant Damansara Utama.

Guess what I found? JCo print out their tissue to be useful ones – as a note.


This is one of the practice that my previous lecturer always said about it. I already told about it in my article “Essential tools & tips for freelancers on the go

Feb 2009

4 Responses to : Idea on a tissue

  1. aman says:

    huhu…menarik tisu dia…boleh dapat idea sambil layan makan donut..huhu

  2. syia says:

    waa..x pernah perasan semlm syia ada dkt damansara dkt the curve

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    aman – pastu amek tisu berlebihan utk diconteng = aku :p
    syia – yang jco ni dekat giant damansara, hidden sket.

  4. nadiah says:

    tulisan kau same dengan tulisan kat tissue tu.
    (aku pun takto aku tengah puji ke perli ni) haha.

    anyway, yang penting sebenarnye bawak pen.

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