Spot the brix = Nokia N85

I was looking at my messy desk and found a Nokia N85 pamphlet that I took last month. I have a habit of keeping the pamphlet, not only for design/reference purpose but also to read and kill my useless time in toilet. Oh didn’t I told you already I read books in toilet? :p

Take a look of this pics. It’s pretty simple anyway.


Didn’t see anything yet? read more pls.

Tadaaaa.. this is the thing.


HAHAHAH. It’s clear cut that it is N85, adn the model pictured is also N85, but they wrote it as N96. If they face a stingy stupid blatant customer who referring to this pics, he may want N96 for the price of N85 lol. But if i’m not mistaken generally there’s disclaimer about pamphlet. Still, the morale of the story is to double/triple/quadraple check before you send to print the pamphlet. I didn’t photoshopped this picture. It’s truly true but in case you wanna see a full resolution of this picture, click here.

I a mist of economic downturn, you can’t afford to do a simple mistake. Why? Because imagine for this pamphlet there could be millions of copies being distributed to the whole nation ( Malaysia ). And after you print millions of this, there’s this one tiny simple mistake. If you want to print it, it could also costly.But think further, If reprint again, you’ll waste money, and paper. Wasting paper means wasting trees. Wasting trees means wasting oxygen. Wasting oxygen will lead to nature problem. And I thought Nokia recently organized Calling All Innovators and have a Eco-Green category. Bah!

I may be overreact just now haha. Nonetheless, this is the funny picture of the day :)

//Decided to tag along Jason Smashpop & Davidlian that I met with Henry Wong from Nokia during BarCamp KL to see their comments on this brix.

//looking for funny pics to kill your time? click here.

// my previous brix that Roshfaizal show to me, click here.

Feb 2009

2 Responses to : Spot the brix = Nokia N85

  1. ikhwan nazri says:

    kukumalu heuheuaheau. ko jgn wat camni tau

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