Are you kelantanese?

26012009181So last week I lol’ed when computer lab assistant(LA) asking me this. He’s an Indian guy, around 50++ yrs old.
LA: Teacher, where are your hometown?
Me: Ampang. Why ah?
LA: Are you from Kelantan? Your parents?
Me: Nope. Malay-Javanese. Do I look and sound like kelantanese?
LA: Well yes. I’m from kelantan too. I miss kelantan so much. Was living there about 10 years ++ That’s why I’m asking whether you’re from Kelantan, and if yes which area haha.
Me: LOL. Well I’m grown up in Selayang then Ampang. I never have been to Kelantan yet, but I really wanted to pay a visit there. Which area are you from?
LA: Well you should. It’s very peaceful and beauty. I’m from Pasir Tumboh.

Haha I always remembered when I want to mimic their dialect, Muthanna, my deskmate in Maresmart will say that it’s sounds funny and could also fall to insulting. He’s from East Coast so he can speak in their dialect extremely well. It’s also another proof of the how non-muslims living in Kelantan as previously I’m asking Yee Lin bout that.


Last week been a busy week. Have been devcamping at the office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday + Saturday. Been a great day to test Pair programming/Agile methodology between odin & sabau.We’ve experimented Agile methodology that Kamal Fariz talked about it last year in MMU- click here to read about it. Although one of them will be the ‘taxi driver’ and another one is ‘passenger’, it still a speedy environment and a lot of module for our client have been completed during that 4 days.


We’ll surely practice Agile developement method after this hehe. And that picture of the cat above was taken when the cat is hungry and I fed him/her an Esso Currypuff. So lucky that kitten!

And FYI, Al-Quran for PSP appeared in Forward Magazine, Malaysia alongside with Upin & Ipin from LesCopaque. Thanks to Firdaus Ariff for the interview. Clicky here for the snippets. If you want to read bout it, get the magazine at your nearest bookstore. :)

Feb 2009
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14 Responses to : Are you kelantanese?

  1. syia says:

    eh ni buat dkt area cafe ke?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    itu kat foyer libary.. tp yg ada white board tu dlm office la

  3. ikramhakimi says:

    i am kelantanese! :p

  4. zafee says:

    you’re javanese kekekee

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    ikramhakimi – mung mmg ar hahaha :p
    zafee – and you also.. bila nak buat Anak Jowo Sdn Bhd ni kekeke

  6. zafee says:

    wahaha.. mengusahakan ape tu? rempeyek ke tempe? kekekee

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    zafee – rempeyek, tempe, dan juga soto wheuheuaea

  8. goberk says:

    owh now i’m hurt…chisss!!!!!!!kekekkeke

  9. acap says:

    pasir tumbuh la natey..hahah

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    goberk – hahahah ko hurt pejadah :p
    acap – oo bukan tumboh ka? mana aku tau 😛

  11. goberk says:

    i’m from kelantan…celup…kekekkee

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    oo ye ke.. baru tau huahua

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