Food Review: Cheng Ho Restaurant – Chinese Islamic Seafood

Ahoy. It’s been quite a while I didn’t do any food review. For last week I’ve tasted two dishes. one is the famous Om’s Sloppy Burger and another one is Cheng Ho – Chinese Islamic Seafood. For now, I’m doing Cheng Ho food review first because Icednyior twit me insist to know about it :p


So last monday all of our family went to Cheng Ho to celebrate my bro’s birthday.  He’s so lucky. Last year he was treated with Chelsea Cupcake from One Piece Bakery and now, it’s Cheng Ho, a verily fine cuisine. He’s so darn lucky. So after Isyak, all of us went to the restaurant located at the new shoplots behind Carrefour Wangsa Maju. It’s not hard to find parking, but hard to enter as we have to queue. We’ve wait for about 15 minutes because the restaurant was totally full.While waiting for our turn, I decide to take a look on the menus. The set offer attracts us because it was a combo of x-dishes and refillable rice and Chinese tea/iced water. A quick glance over the price of a-la-carte menus makes me go wonder @_@. It’s kinda high for me so I show it to my father. Then my father said it’s okay. hooo hoo hooo chenghooo here we come.

So there’s our turn, and I quickly place the order of set 2 = 5 Dishes + Rice + Chinese tea. We have to choose 5 of the dishes from the list provided so our 5 dishes consist of

  1. Tomyam what
  2. Four Angels
  3. Cheng Ho Siakap
  4. Beef Black Pepper
  5. Onion Omelette


And my father insist on getting one ala-carte menu, we picked for what-beancurd-sizzling for medium size. Then, there’s come the owner of the restaurant, Amy Search. FYI, Amy Search is one of the famous singe in Malaysia because of his band, Search. So he greet us with a smile and also suggesting some new menus in his restaurant. And he suggested = Ketam Telur Masin.


(ketam telur masin )

Sounds so unique, we decide to have it. So the total dishes that night was 7. After like 10 minutes all of us goin.. whoa.. 7 dishes could be a lot. Indeed it was tooo lot for all of us. The first dishes that being served is Tomyam. It has a lot of prawns and mushrooms.And my mom said it was heavy on the spices too. It’s unlike the normal tomyam which using a lot of ‘Serai’. This one is real kickass. No MSG, It’s real spices.


( Four Angels … //and a husband lol )

Then. I felt it’s kinda long to wait for the main dishes. We even able to finish the tomyam until mum insist to keep it to eat altogether with rice later on. Then, all of it comes altogether. Four Angels is Ladyfinger + kacang panjang + terung + kacang botor + petai. It’s 5 vegetables. Oh.. maybe one of the vegetables are male and polygamized with another 4 vege hahahaha.


Next is Beef Black Pepper. It was truly nice. The juicy tender beef marinated and cooked deeply with the Black Pepper creating a very nice aroma. Even the green chillies on the plate taste a bit like the juicy beefy. Next is Onion Omelette. Well that’s kinda just plain, even I can do that and I just clueless why we order that dishes. Cheng Ho Siakap is a fried Siakap cooked in Sweet Sour. ( I think ) It’s nice and crisp, and big. The beancurd-sizzling was presented and inside that there’s a combination of tofu, egg, and also some minced chicken. It’s very very nice.


(sizzling beancurd)

Last dishes is Ketam Telur Masin. ( Salty Egg Crab? ) It was a big, very big crab and the crab was deeply cooked inside that special sauce of salty egg. Oh. Salty Egg = Duck Egg. LOL. Again, that crab was so big that we, 5 adults and one kid have a hard time to finish it. I just an’t stop to enjoy that special sauce. It’s just delicious.

So we enter the restaurant at 1000pm and went back at 1130pm. We’re the last to leave. We decide to take a picture with Amy Search, well that’s because maybe we come to this restaurant next year.

Now, why do I said that?

For us, eventhough our family was truly satisfied and it is worth the price, but of course that’s kinda pretty high. We surely come again later on but not shortly. But my dad gave a hint to comeback by asking about ‘ how about if we just ate the tomyam?’ The price for Set 2 of 5 dishes = RM109.90 and plus the beancurd sizzling = RM18++ and the Salty Egg Crab = RM 45++ wahuhuhu. But if I’m going there, it might be during the next company birthday hahaha. The food and environment was great, and with taht amount we got more than we wanted to. The dishes was tooooo lot. Too much for all of us but we manage to finish it.

So, I would give 4 thumbs up to Cheng Ho for the nice cuisine and the restaurant open for lunch from 12.15pm-2.30pm, and 6.15pm-10.30pm. However on friday, they’ll open only from 5.00pm – 11.00pm. Be prepared to queue because from my observation, after dawn prayers/maghrib/7PM, the restaurant maybe will be crowded with people, and so you have to wait. Unsure if you can reserve in advance, but if you want to try you can call their number 03-41496094.

The address of Cheng Ho is

15 & 17G, Jalan Wangsa Delima 10, Block 3B D’Wangsa, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

That’s it. and no this is not a sponsored food review :p And for one weird thing, I don’t think I saw any chopstick there. I wanted to use it huhu.

Jan 2009
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50 Responses to : Food Review: Cheng Ho Restaurant – Chinese Islamic Seafood

  1. Fuad says:

    Amy Search looks thin and small. Maybe its because he’s standing next to you. Haha. I heard he had won the court against the small-boy with tomyam case.

    Quite interesting man too, a legend of rock turning into food bussiness, did his Hajj, controversial picture during recent GE, and last but not least, his sexy-happy go lucky daughter (now married -i’m sad).

    Anyway i’m sure you got commission for this food promotion. Hehe.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    fuad – unsure about his court case, but he’s really quite an interesting man, decide to settle down with some future-proof investment perhaps. NO THIS IS NOT A PAID REVIEW. seriously dude!

    Okey so his daughter married another guy, go get a life dude. There’s still a lot of girl in this world.

  3. zafee says:

    amboih da jadi pengkritik makanan hehee

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    zafee – taklah.. tukang makan je :p

  5. is says:

    tekong = psp + macbook pro + makanan..

  6. IcedNyior says:

    thanks for the review. makanan nampak sedap! Will go check it out soon :)

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    IcedNyior – tadehal.. nnt tulis gak review.. aku rasa ko lg banyak singgah tempat makan bes bes ni hehe

  8. ecahz says:

    eyh,besh nyew en ikhwan.”cheng ho” plak tuh!weeee…

    n ya.anom bawak Psp kemana2 ke?…

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    ecahz – anum tak bawak psp ke sekolah je hahaha

  10. Alan says:

    I tried to find the restaurant’s website, but did not manage to locate it. Anyone knows the website address for this restaurant. Or maybe they dont have one. Suggestion – it would be awsome if there is a website promoting your restautant and the same time take bookings. Anyway, I tried to call the number @ 10.00am. There is no answer.

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    alan – I’ve once ask Amy Search, one of the owner of this restaurant and I think he didn’t have any idea about the website. I think when you call Cheng Ho @ 10.00am, the restaurant still didn’t open ( i think ). Have you tried on other times?

  12. Neddy says:

    whooaaa…best2.. u make me hungry lorr dear.

  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    neddy – hungry gi makan hahah

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  15. qazreen says:

    googd review by nazri..i know this review from

  16. ayu the sun says:

    thnks for the review….

  17. ikhwan nazri says:

    ayu – welcome to my blog 😀

  18. paradigm says:

    will try to test the food…. heard a lot about it….. that area memang happening, so not so surprise with the crowd!! specially if the food is gooood and the price is righhhttttt……

  19. ikhwan nazri says:

    paradigm – later bitaulah pendapat ya :)

  20. huzaifah says:

    try aladdin chinese food kat kelana jaya..pergh…layan beb

  21. ikhwan nazri says:

    huzaifah – kat celah mana beb?? ada website tak hahah

  22. Ain says:

    Will go with my friends end of April..can’t wait to try the dishes after read your food review about this restaurant. I managed to make a reservation on 11:30am. Yup, I do think it is much better if the restaurant has their own website because nowadays consumer like to do research before going..

  23. ikhwan nazri says:

    ain – thanks to my blog that have their details hahah. later on do tell me ur opinion ya. thx 😀

  24. Miraedora says:

    Wow.. sounds great n i hope i can go there..

  25. Yang says:

    Wow, terliur tengok all the delicious food… will check it out very very soon…

  26. ikhwan nazri says:

    miraedora – comelah 😛 taste it urself

    Yang – terliur kena makanlah :p

  27. hajjahayu says:

    emm terliur dibuatnye,,, tapi aku tak pernah pergi je sebab 2 kali laulu that area tak tahu operation hour nyerrr…

  28. ikhwan nazri says:

    hajjahayu – kali ni dah tau boleh pergi hehe

  29. ain says:

    yup, thanks to ur blog.. :-)

  30. yatie libra84 says:

    gud ikhwan…thx for the review!

  31. esna says:

    restoren ni halal ke x?ade sijil halal dr pihak yg berkenaan x??

  32. a friend says:

    esna..its good to ask but u can bersangka baik, kedai milik Suhaimi insha ALlah halal.khuatirkan lebih kepada kedai non-muslim yg dikunjungi ramai walapun logo halal dibuat sendiri oleh empunya kedai.

    bro ikhwan.. we need to recheck our english, people are reading from all walks of life.

  33. ikhwan nazri says:

    yatie libra84 = welcome to my blog 😀

    esna = alamak tak tertangkap la pulak gambar sijil halal derang :p

    a friend = ada setuju ada tak juga. sebabkan tuan dia islam jgn disangka terus islam. dan kalau kedai tu tuan dia non-muslim tapi dia mmg dapat sijil halal pun, napa ada je muslim tanak makan kat kedai. tapi insya-Allah kedai amy ni halal.. kalau2 cek tak halal mmg bodoh la hahah.

    so ni ada demand utk write in BM.. tengoklah bila free :)

  34. arnee says:

    erm…i have tried cheng ho restaurant….really really really really nice + delllllllicioussss…seriously….i loved shark fin soup…delllicousssss…

  35. jrude says:

    what??they hv shark fin soup??!!its a shame =(

  36. aquaticakk says:

    common amy..u r an idol..u can do somethin bout it.tiny contribution means a lot to other!

  37. nurtilawati says:

    wuu..ade pun review psl restoran amy….nice eh…nampak sgt sedap~

  38. ikhwan nazri says:

    arnee – forgot if I’ve tried their shark fin soup :p

    nurtilawati – dah makan bitau lah pendapat :)

  39. balqis says:

    i dh mkn kat ctu…. mmg sedap giler…. my favorite food is ” Ketam Telur Masin” mmg sedap !!!!!!!!!!!! u all mesti try………

  40. ikhwan nazri says:

    balqis – ketam telur masin mahall uhuuuu

  41. bterflylah says:

    pergh..x bley tahan..kene try nih..nyum..nyum..

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  43. masjoko says:

    I dh ke cheng ho 4 times since it open…and my favorite dish will be “ketam telur masin”..never really cares about the price sbb the dish quite large so I rasa it is still reasonable…lain la klu harga mencecah RM100++ per dish, bru la tak masuk akal kot..ekceli kita bole mintak juga “udang telur masin” and trust me, it is still delicious…what I really like most about cheng ho is bilik “surau” ada di sediakan for abg amy & family..good job and moga di murahkan rezeki & di berkati slu.. :)

  44. ikhwan nazri says:

    masjoko – wah ni kalau amy baca ni mesti dia happy hehe. thanks for sharing your thoughts

  45. hasni says:

    hope abg amy will open his restuarant to public for a franchise business soon. I am eyeing for that one…

  46. ikhwan nazri says:

    hasni – I doubt that. because if it’s going to be franchised, quality will dropped.

  47. the thing i love about seafoods is that salty fishy taste, seafoods are rich in iodine too:~”

  48. azman says:

    mmm…U all can try also Authentic Muslim Chinese Recipe in Restoran Adam Lee. Its a medium class restaurant(not high class),so price is much lower than others.They hv over 100 ala carte’s recipe.Also chef for handmade noodle(can see demo ). I really recommend their “Hebal noodle soup”…besttt. call owner 0196106778

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