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Tagged again by Chee Aun, one of web developer fella in Malaysia. Well if you aren’t clear about this tagging thingy, let me refresh you.

  • Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Now.. this 7 things… argh. almost out of idea of what I wanted to share. aha got it.

  1. I didn’t ask for plastic bag if I can hold the stuff I’ve bought or I can stash it on my bag, one part of my contribution towards greener world. And I carry a bottle of water. This bottle of water will reduce the usage of plastic bottle each time you bought a mineral bottle, and it’s also a method to survive economic downturn.
  2. wanted to do this for once = buying car and pay by cash stashed inside a nice black briefcase and I’m wearing black coat.
  3. and when the #2 achieved, most probably just hire someone to say like what Alfred say to Bruce when Bruce(batman/dark knight ) refusing to use batmobile on the day. Alfred says = “Lamborghini then… Much more subtle”
  4. love automation. Love automatic things such as Touch & Go, Auto Cruise ( inside car = constant speed ), and even the automatic radio aerial of Anubis that will sticking out once I switch on the radio. I also enjoy playing with Side-mirror autofold and always pretending have a telekinesis/psychic power over the automatic glass door by swiping the hands out over the air.
  5. love to rush things + do it. such as burning the company interactive portfolio’s cd inside the car while driving, applying hair gel inside car, filling up the petrol and leave it while I went to withdraw money, buying a cup of medium white coffee and 2 currypuffs from Esso On The Run, and walking towards Anubis while sipping a cup of white coffee and taking a deep breath of the flammable petrol, and wearing shoes either while filling the petrol or just now, today, I’m wearing shoes while lining up at the toll gate LDP because my Touch & Go out of money.
  6. And all about 4 + 5 is about time. Time is money. and talking about time, Anne’s clock and Shocky ( my G-Shock wristwatch) + Anubis’s clock in the dashboard are 20+ minutes faster. but each of them showing different number ( as in minutes ) , making me will go numb and dumb about the current time, and force me to rush things. The correct time for me is only inside Eruda.
  7. I wanted to give things for free, because I was inspired by Blink 182 – The Rock Show MTV because they threw their budget money for that song’s mtv. And Blink was one of fav band till they break up. Wtach their MTV, hilarious!

Done, and lets tag seven people

  1. Topotato who might use my given name to his camera = Chiaki = Canon EOS 450D
  2. Aisyahkama who twitting me wanted to learn Flash today ngahaha
  3. KNizam – know from fotopages then blog
  4. Senn Angie – Former classmate + anime+manga lover
  5. Monica Wong – Anime cosplayer + part-time model
  6. LiyanaNaznim – to reply back her tag
  7. Pengodam – hackers? ( hackers must live in secrecy i thought :p)

The currypuff shown above are not Esso On The Run CurryPuff, but a nearest representation I can find on the Internet, taken from KookyCulinary.

Jan 2009

6 Responses to : Seven Things about Me – tagged by Chee Aun

  1. Akiko says:

    lol. kena tagged! gosh, i dint know you have twitter. im so adding you!

  2. liyananaznim says:

    aku rase cam dah buat tag ni.
    tapi takpe, lain kali rerajin aku buat lagi. thanks fo tagging! 😀

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    liyananaznim – haah rasa mcm sama pattern :p carik je la idae ahaha

  4. Fahmishah says:

    aku pun suke cepatkan time kat Jam aku..kasi gelabah sikit

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    fah,ishah – jam je.. henpon ?

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