The alternative for boycott-ers

(this article was written and pointed to muslims especially)

If you’ve follow the news recently, we surely seen many things around. From the Israel attacks to the boycott appeal for israel product by newspaper. I don’t want to flaming anyone who against/not practising this boycott but if you’re looking for alternative product, here I go.

And I’m not bias to any product, because I’m not the salesman of any product and i didn’t receive any payment for making this alternative list. Before I proceed, my life is a multimedia producer who always jump between cafes and consume fast foods, amaze and drool about new technology.

  1. Starbucks = JCo Donuts / Big Apple : Both of this still have wifi spots and decent plug and cheap. Coffee lovers can go to Oldtown or Coffee bean.
  2. McDonalds =Ramly burger, or Om burger located in front of 7 Eleven in Ampang Jaya, near SPCA. Evenmore, 1901 the hot dog also tasty.
  3. KFC/Pizza hut = kenny rogers roasters
  4. Nokia = Sony Ericsson
  5. colgate = darlie
  6. those soft drinks = seasons ice lemon tea

This is all I can think. At first I’m also hesitate to boycott. I even fight with one of my friend about this boycott-thingy. But eversince I live with my family, staying at home, I realized I do consume less KFC and McD. When I started to mobile, I bring water altogether and often has this kinda view of cheapskate fella. i bought bread for lunch to cut-cost my meal.

This is the tiny little thing I could do.. and I still have many israel products -_- Anne is Nokia, Eruda and Freya runs on Intel. Thought AMD was non-israeli but then upon googling, people around said it’s israeli too. sheesh. Oh yes, Maggi, just another famous brand.

Take a deep breath, just boycott where you can. I’m sure many want to start, but don’t know where to start. And as for those muslim businessman and innovators, please produce an extremely good product. Pretty please. Don’t provide us with stupid alternatives.

This is my selective boycott, by mean selective means I can’t boycott YET intel and Nokia. and I really have no problems living altogether with non-muslims. It’s just that I have a problem against zionist, and this is, again, the tiny little thing I could do. how pathetic. I am.

Jan 2009
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  1. e2 says:

    if you really wanna boycott intel and nokia, i’m willing to help. sell them to me cheap. 😀

  2. Fahmishah says:

    Baru je nak pakai AMD..huhu

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    e2 – cheap? no way. it’s not there’s any other chip maker, and till iPhone can run Flash Lite, I’m not changing from Nokia. the phone still well.

    fahmishah – boikot mana termampu. gugu

  4. Emi says:

    Fyi = Kenny Rogers is also from US.. one of the founder is KFC owner. Coffee bean also us.

  5. Rashid says:

    My boycott plan is 1000x better than yours :)

    1. Starbucks = Kedai kopi.
    2. McDonalds = Kedai mamak.
    3. KFC/Pizza hut = Again kedai mamak. Atopon blaja masak.
    4. Nokia = Second-hand phones.
    5. Colgate = uih ubat gigi pon nak kira gak ker?
    6. Those soft drinks = ais kosong.

    PS: boycott sambil jimat duit at the same time lol

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    emi – my selective boycott only for Israel made product. Sometimes, I also can’t think because the founder was acting on his own, not as the whole company. To made it easy to understand, just boycott which one have a direct connection.

    rashid – haha. You win 😛 tp takde wifi lah.

  7. Emi says:

    owhh.. okeyhhh…

    rashid suggestion is nice.

  8. Firdaus says:

    Aku sudah gantikan Starbucks dengan Old Taste. Hehe.

    Colgate sudah lama diganti dengan Mu’min takpun Japanese brand. Err, Seasons bukan brand F&N Coca-Cola jugak ke? Minum Yeo’s sudah…

  9. s says:

    balik mesia aritu aku beli cola encik radix.. oh sedap jugeee.. lgpon less sugar.. terasa sehat pulak.. haha..

    hurm2.. lama2 dok sini minum kopi omputih.. sini kedai kopi berpuluh2 jenama wayy cheaper dr starbucks.. tp aku ttp rindu kopi kampung mesia..

    aku kah kawan yg ko gaduh tu?? ke ko gaduh dgn rmi lagi org lain..

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    emi – rashid nye suggestion tu mmg ada aku ikut.. cume ego aku tanak admit :p
    firdaus – yaa old taste kekeke. oh aah eh.. adeh. seasons.. tape aku minum botol air kosong aku bawak
    s – kat sini tak banyak kedai kopi. balik2, coffeebean, gloria jean, san francisco. kopie satu yg ada pun kiosk bergerak. sebut pasal radix, teringat radix fried chicken yg ada kat kedah.

    i’m a coffee lover, and coffee fuel my day

    and talk about gaduh, mmg ngan ko lah, ko tak rasa camtu kah ? bagi aku kita nye kategori gaduh la.. cuma dah setel.. kan kan ? ( jgn lepas ni tetiba ada visitor comment “wei ko gaduh ngan aku gakla ” )

  11. s says:

    i stop being a coffee addict already.. hihi.. too much of something is bad aite?? tanak jd mcm mak aku dulu2.. tak minum kopi2 tak bleh function..

    ko mmg insan yg degill.. bagus la skrg dh insaf.. hehe..

    kat sini ade kopi perasa ceklat kopi perisa hazelnut, truffle ade.. dan mcm2 perisa lg lah brand whittard nye.. (jenama org kaye tuuu..)

    nnt pesta buku on, bgtaw la eh.. kali ni aku kasi upah kopi pelbagai perisa.. hehehe..

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    s – pesta buku on.. bulan 3 bulan 4 ni tak silap.. client bitau. so sila-silalah pecahkan tabung samada tabung sendiri atau tabung duit rakyat ngahaha. kopi hazelnut dah rasa.. ada kat oldtown hhahaha

  13. s2 says:

    not all israelist are zionist, just like how not all malaysians are terrorist (even though some like Azahari Husin were).

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    s2 – agree with you 😀

  15. Huhu... says:

    adobe bukan syarikat yahudi gak ke…microsoft pun syarikat yahudi gak…

  16. ikhwan nazri says:

    huhu = entahla. boikot yg ada direct connection lah. tp aku pakai apple, tak pakai microsoft dah :p

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