So yesterday, I’ve met Penelope

Yesterday is 13 January, and I’ve went to Cineleisure Damansara for Geng The Movie – Press Preview and i’ve watched Geng alerady. It’s looks very promising but head on to the company blog because I’ve written my Geng Press Preview review there already. Oh, not to forget, Geng Flash Lite wallpaper/screensaver.

On my way back, I was driving…. peacefully. For some weird reason it feels more relaxing to drive inside the car because it cruising. Not that the car has auto cruise, but you drive at the constant speed and constant km/h & rpm. Didn’t sped on that night. Just speed a bit when there’s a car giving beam to me to move away, and I’m not the type that easily triggered by such drivers. While I was cruising listening to Red FM, There’s white Caldina coming pretty fast from behind and without any resistance I just gave the right lane to them.

And since Anubis still cruising, I took a left-most lane to cut-through the slow car at the middle-lane, and moments after that.


Heard the faint sound of flattening tyres of that Caldina, quickly gave signal to the left, slowing down and lay by the roadside. And i wonder.. what will happen if I was at that right lane…..

Thank God.

And I bought Eruda a ‘bed’

Technically speaking, so-called DockStation. It’s a Coolermaster Notepal Infinite. Bought since I wanted to utilize the big fella Delios. Use it altogether with keyboard and the remaining Logitech EX110 mouse. The keyboard has been spoiled since the coffee spilled over it. With just one usb cable, the dockstation will connect to the keyboard and mouse, and Sheffly dock. Can’t connect with Wendy’s Time Machine because the power supplied to the usb is not sufficient enough. But this has makes Eruda more cooler, in order to prolong it’s life. So below are the setting.


Using only this side when docking, including the speakers.


Silver Notepal suit Eruda in silver. Silver is my new black.


And the whole setup. Still waiting for Rahmat’s Apple Wireless keyboard that he wanted to give me yahoo!

Guess what, i’ll named my Cooler Master Notepal = Sarah Palin. hahahahahah. No. Change the name.

That’s it, Penelope. Period.

Jan 2009

9 Responses to : So yesterday, I’ve met Penelope

  1. aman says:

    wah…semua gajet ada nama ape? huhu…nak kena pikir nama tuk gajet aku gak ar camnie..huhu

  2. senn says:

    been wondering why all the names start from P 😀 ok maybe eruda is not..

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    aman – haah. semua ada nama. click sini

    senn – I think its merely coincidence.. I was about to name my first PSP = Persephone because of PerSePhone, but just to realize that name was long and not cute. This Penelope suites NOtEPaL = all the letters in the capital.

    So basically there’s no preference to P. :p

  4. Ida says:

    Tekong!! thanx sbb dapat datang preview Geng. Hey btw, bukan ke tu poster Geng atas your table? 😀 hehe nanti jangan lupa lagi sekali Geng, kalau rasa best ajak sume sekampung datang tgk. muahahaha!!! Thanx again! ^^

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    ida – aku nak kantoikan ko leh tak hauahuahuahauha

  6. topo says:

    heheheh kantoikan aje… nak support tolong kantoikan skali la.. ohohoho

  7. topo says:

    hahahah aku baru prasan ko namakan sume gadget ko… hahhaha aku ingat ntah awek mat saleh mane ntah yg melekat kat ko mase press sceening aritu.. hohoho

  8. Ida says:

    dont. u. dare 😐

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    topo = itu nama dia ayesha, nama dia ayesha frances adam… ada gak la tempias mat saleh hahah =

    ida = kuikuikui

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