Saturday Morning

If last year I’m having sushi king on Sunday Morning, this year I’m having it yesterday, Saturday Morning. Been busy lately so I’ve decided to just stroll aimlessly.

Real aimlessly.

First I’ve went to KLCC and just aimlessly check with Skybridge if there’s still a ticket available. There is, scheduled for 4PM trip. After receiving the ticket, I’ve went to Sushi King… and ate bit too much (bit = sarcastic )

California Maki, salmon-what, and dumplings-what. HOHO tastyy.

since it was still ahead of time, decided to went to Youth 09 since I have to pass Emi’s namecard book to her. She’s running a printing business and print real beautiful card. Unfortunately, just when I’m already at PWTC, she’s not there so just walk around Youth 09 and met Jazmi & Zaihasriah opening their Dotiro Shop, three fcm juniors, one mmu-friends guy that helping Gua.Com.My, and my-dorm-neighbor at MRSM Taiping, Hazwan Nizam ( Class 7 ). The most thing I remember about im is Bandar Penawar, he’s from there. He’s now working as Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik.

When I went to 2nd hall, there’s an activities. Futsal and basketball and also the stage for battle of the bands. They’re testing the equipment. I’m not a concert-type fella so I just walkaway, and going back.

Felt somewhat different and nothing, maybe there’s no youth juices flowing in my blood. Of maybe the youth inside me is not this type. My type is more geek and nerd, who find himself enjoying the view and the crowd, not inside the jumping-when-listening-to-concert crowd, but inside the lots of human during PC Fair.

Why so serious ?¬† Nothing. It’s just me. But I’m thinking to going there again this sunday to meet Young Muslims Project.

And so after just a mere 1 hour there, I’ve went back to KLCC’s Kinokuniya and spending time reading the newly released Adobe Flash CS4 books. Two of them from Adobe Press entitled Classroom in a Book and 100 How-To’s guidebook and another one I forgot but it’s a Digital Complete classroom. Since I didn’t bring Eruda, the best thing to waste time is to read books ( even inside toilet ). Thought the Cafe Press at Kinokuniya will allow people bring unpaid books. But of course, they surely afraid people spoil the book with coffee so a big no. Spend almost one hour reading the book at the Musics’ alleyway, till I return the book and ushering at the famous Moleskines notebooks.

That Moleskins notebooks were RM87++ What can you expect the notebook that’s being used by van Gogh and Chatwin duh!

And then Syazwanimator.. ops, Syazwanowpages ( since he’s working with YellowPages ) greets me to find I’m toying with Moleskines. Oh well, old dudes chatting but then Radzi the Denggi Patient ( he appeard on TV3’s Buletin Utama last September ) came out from nowhere ( like mosquitoes ) and join us.

And it’s amazing how the world revolving around us are actually not far. I’ve met Radzi at one of our Mobile Office and Syazwan going to have a training at Teras One Solution, where¬† me and sabau going to be their Flash Instructors.

Then, it’s time for skybridge so I have to leave. When I’m reacing the ground level ( not lower ground ), saw the toilet at the ground level was priced RM2 per entry. WTH. RM2. pricey and WTH is that for? Premium Toilet?? does that toilet have books inside? if so I might to reconsider it because I love to read in toilet hahah.

And this is the view of the skybridge.


10 minutes passing by like lightning until the volunteer at the bridge calling us.. ” Your 10-minutes is up”.

And I spend my time again playing around with Fontpark-Morisawa. This is my latest artworks.

Jan 2009

8 Responses to : Saturday Morning

  1. syazwan says:

    tekong, aku dah ingat dah. Peserta dari KWSP yg join flash course ngan aku tu nama dia Zanaria. Dia kenal ko ngan sabau. Senior yg baru join KWSP plak abang Azizi.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syazwan – oo.. Zanaria tu pun aku tak sure sangat sape gaga. tp abg azizi tu senior FA tu la eh ?

  3. rashdan... says:

    cmne eh nk naek skybridge tuh??

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    rashdan – datang awal pagi dapatkan tiket dia. aku dtg seawal 1030 pun dapat tiket untuk pukul 4 nye huhu.

  5. syazwan says:

    Yup, Azizi senior FA. Zanaria tu katanya suami dia yg betul2 kenal ko. Selalu jumpa kat surau MMU.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    syazwan – err yg ayat jumpa kat wsurau mmu tu.. jumpa ko la kan… bukan aku?

  7. syazwan says:

    Hahaha, sorry2, ayat kurang jelas. Suami dia yg selalu jumpa ko ngn sabau kat surau mmu. Tak tanya pulak aku nama suami dia apa.

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