Mobile Office Joke #1

Before I start my post, glad to tell you that today was the 44th mobile office. Same place as yesterday, 43rd, at Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa. And today, happy birthday to Edry Faizal & Chapan, may both of you live well and happy and blissfully ever after till the Hereafter.

So lets proceed to the joke.

Yesterday, before going to ‘the office’ at Jusco AU2 setiawangsa, i was helping edry with his Flash. Then, since I’m a bit rush and sabau stressed up the point to meet at 2pm there, I left the conversation between me and Edry, like this.

( Upon Chip request, I’ve translated the conversation to english… in my english-chatting. hahah. Met her during BarCamp JB. )

momochi_zabuza:gerak ke setiawanga [ gotta go to setiawangsa ]
momochi_zabuza:ofis disana [ office there ]
momochi_zabuza: [ lol icon ]
FA_edry:wah sudah ada ofis baru hahaha [ wow you’ve got a new office hahaha ]
momochi_zabuza:aah [ yup ]
momochi_zabuza:depan jusco [ infront of jusco ]
momochi_zabuza: ROFL icon
momochi_zabuza:aeon sponsor [ AEON Sponsor ] (// AEON is the owner of Jusco )
momochi_zabuza:gerak dulu [ gotta go ]

So right after that conversation, I went to Jusco, just to realize I left the adaptor and sabau arrive pretty late, 2++ pm, because he’s helping Edry with Flash.

And today, sabau tell me his side of story..more after this hehe

this YM conversation with Edry. the part with this italic comment ( //—-  ) are my comments prior to this conversation and the bold part, is the part I laugh very hard :))

edry (1:28:29 PM): ko nyer ofis kat jusco ek? [ was your office at jusco? ]
sabau (1:29:17 PM): :)) [ lol icon ]
sabau (1:29:18 PM): a ah [ yup ]
sabau (1:29:27 PM): sini x ramai org [ not many people here ]
sabau (1:29:29 PM): besar plak tu [ the space pretty big ]
sabau (1:29:32 PM): plug pun byk [ many plug points ]
sabau (1:29:37 PM): makanan pun sedap [ and the food was gooood ]
sabau (1:29:38 PM): :)) [ lol icon ]
edry (1:29:42 PM): hahaha
edry (1:29:52 PM): aeon sponsor korang ke? [ Did Aeon sponsor you guys? ] ( // OMG didn’t he get it? I think I always told him I’m mobile )
sabau (1:30:05 PM): a ah [ yup ]
sabau (1:30:09 PM): electric free
sabau (1:30:11 PM): wifi free
sabau (1:30:12 PM): :))  [lol icon ]        ( // and sabau take it further LOL )
edry (1:30:32 PM): giler ar…diorg sponsor korang naper? [ Why the hell they ( aeon ) sponsor you guys? ] ( //ROFLMAO! )
sabau (1:30:32 PM): (utk semua pelanggan aeon) [ for all Aeon Customer ]
sabau (1:30:34 PM): :)) [ lol icon ]
sabau (1:30:45 PM): nie lepak kat foodkot je la [ we’re sitting at their food court dude ]
sabau (1:30:49 PM): ade wifi free [ got free wifi ]
edry (1:30:49 PM): ooooo
edry (1:30:51 PM): hahahahaha
sabau (1:30:54 PM): lepas tu drg ade plug sume [ then got many plug points ]
edry (1:30:55 PM): aku igt dapat ofis [ I thought you guys got an office ]
edry (1:30:56 PM): ces
[ sheeesh ] (// finally, the revelation enlightens him)
sabau (1:30:56 PM): :)) [ lol icon ]
edry (1:31:01 PM): waaa
edry (1:31:09 PM): satu tmpt lepak yg bagus [ a good place to hang around ]
sabau (1:31:14 PM): JJ kat wangsa maju pun ade gak [ JJ – Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju also got ]
edry (1:31:16 PM): aku ni dah pindah AU3 [ I’ve moved to AU3 ]
edry (1:31:17 PM): dkt je [ just nearby ]
sabau (1:31:18 PM): tp sana plug sikit je [ but then at JJ Wangsa maju, there’s a little plug points ]
sabau (1:31:27 PM): sini setiap tiang ade plug [ here, every pillars got plug points ]
sabau (1:31:31 PM): lg best [ more better ]
sabau (1:31:38 PM): time hari2 biasa x byk org [ on weekdays not many people come over ]
sabau (1:31:43 PM): kat wangsa maju pun byk org gak [ but wangsa maju tooo many people ]
sabau (1:31:46 PM): so ok la
edry (1:32:08 PM): aku punya la pelik [ You know, it’s really weird ]
edry (1:32:14 PM): Aeon taja sykt multimedia [ Aeon sponsor a Multimedia Company ]
edry (1:32:20 PM): pergh ni mcm tak pernah dgr ni [ Never heard this stuff before ]

sabau (1:32:25 PM): :)) [ lol icon ]
sabau (1:33:20 PM): tekong ke ckp kat ko office kat jj setiawangsa? [ did tekong told you the office at JJ Setiawangsa ( Aeon/Jusco )
edry (1:33:32 PM): a’ah [ yup]
edry (1:33:34 PM): haha
edry (1:33:38 PM): dia ckp AEON sponsor [ he told me AEON sponsored ]
edry (1:33:39 PM): ampeh [ damn ]
( // why so serious. It’s true AEON sponsor.. place and wifi FREEE! )
sabau (1:33:56 PM): haha
sabau (1:34:00 PM): bulat2 kena tipu [ okay how to translate this… – it’s clearly (spherically) a lie dude ]
sabau (1:34:01 PM): :)) [ lol icon ]
edry (1:34:42 PM): mmg bulat bulat sebulat tekong aku kena tipu haha [ again. hard to translate. – but he mean that as it was really a clearly transparent lie, bulat means sphere.. and this phrase he state thatas sphere as tekong’s tummy he had been lied ] (// i really didn’t have any intention. seriously. never thought he went this far hahahahahha )
sabau (1:36:26 PM): :)) [ lol icon ]
sabau (1:36:35 PM): giler hebat klau dpt sponsor drg [ it’s totally cool if we got their sponsor ]
sabau (1:36:37 PM): giler ar [ realy cool ]
edry (1:36:57 PM): tu la…mmg satu benda yg tak jarang2 bleh berlaku [ that’s why, it’s something that rarely happen ]
edry (1:37:05 PM): tu igt korang ada wat project utk AEON [and i thought you guys got a project with Aeon ] ( // golly. no wonder. )
edry (1:37:13 PM): dan AEON jatuh hati pada kecomelan tekong [ And AEON fall in with the tekong’s cuteness ]
sabau (1:37:30 PM): haha
sabau (1:37:45 PM): tp AEON ade potensi utk guna mobile guide ktrg [ but AEON have a potential to use our mobile guide ] ( Hi AEON, we, Flavert Media Lab are specialist in Interactive Content, seriously :)
sabau (1:37:55 PM): sbb infrastructur wifi drg bagis [ because their wifi infrastructur are good ]
sabau (1:37:57 PM): bagus
sabau (1:38:01 PM): kat mana2 jj ade wifi [ every jj got wifi ]
edry (1:38:49 PM): bagus betul [ real good ]

HAHAHA. I know you want to comment. Either this is lame joke or really hilarious. Comment yah!

Oh, I’ve added new categories, Mobile Office Joke. I’m sure I’ll experience more after this 😛

12 Responses to : Mobile Office Joke #1

  1. Fahmishah says:

    sabau ngan edry dah kahwin..
    kau bile lagi ?

  2. Emi says:

    hahah.. ur first komen takde kena mengenaa…

    my office mobile too… but mostly bertempat at my formal office.. hahah

  3. Chip says:

    It sounds fun, but I can’t understand the joke :(

  4. The joke is tipah tertipu…

    Aku rasa aku tertipu sebab kau cakap depan Jusco. Mula-mula tertanya juga, bila masa ada bangunan ofis depan Jusco. Ke AEON baru bina untuk company dia…

    Ces, nasib baik ni bukan Wakenabeb.

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    Chip – sorry chip.. okay.. i change the whole post conversation to english. stay tuned

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    edry – err dia dari vietnam.. mmg takle faham la sembang ni. tapi takpe.. aku dah translatekan sbb seriously.. bagi aku lawak.. dan ada orang mmg dah ym aku kata lawak.. hahahaha.

    aku rasa kalau ko dah dpt anak sorang.. mesti kebluran dan kelawakan ko makin bertambah hahah

  7. Gila lah siap ada versi translation. Mak aih mesti korang kepingin benar merasa kenakan aku, sekali berjaya siap berita sampai international hahahaha.

    Aku rasa ok gak tu, kalau sabau lepas kahwin makin pandai posing. Mungkin aku lepas kahwin bertambah blur kot wakakaka.

    p/s: Translation ko betul-betul macam translation tajuk cerita kat wayang haha.

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    edry – pasni harap2 ada orang nak hire aku buat translation cerita wayang hahha

  9. Rashid says:

    Lorh…ingatkan mobile office tuh bas bergerak ker aper :)

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    rashid – lagi sorang. bas bergerak. adeh.. btw kereta aku pernah jadi opis. 5 september. hahaha

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