Food Review: Cheng Ho Restaurant – Chinese Islamic Seafood

Ahoy. It’s been quite a while I didn’t do any food review. For last week I’ve tasted two dishes. one is the famous Om’s Sloppy Burger and another one is Cheng Ho – Chinese Islamic Seafood. For now, I’m doing Cheng Ho food review first because Icednyior twit me insist to know about it :p


So last monday all of our family went to Cheng Ho to celebrate my bro’s birthday.  He’s so lucky. Last year he was treated with Chelsea Cupcake from One Piece Bakery and now, it’s Cheng Ho, a verily fine cuisine. He’s so darn lucky. So after Isyak, all of us went to the restaurant located at the new shoplots behind Carrefour Wangsa Maju. It’s not hard to find parking, but hard to enter as we have to queue. We’ve wait for about 15 minutes because the restaurant was totally full. Read more…

Jan 2009
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Relationship between 100% of love by SaifulIslam with 90/10 solution by John Gray

luv2Last two weeks, I was bloghopping between blogs to blogs to find out some resources about boycott israel zionist products. I hop to SaifulIslam to find some resources, and after I’ve found out what I wanted, I’m clicking for his previous article and this article attracts me.


Cinta Seratus Peratus.( it’s written in Malay and translated by me !!-___- )

To summarize his article, SaifulIslam shared with us that wife will never had 100% of love IF she doesn’t being thankful for what his husband gave to her. The responsibility that the husband carry on their shoulder are heavier than their wife. The verses in Quran + Prophet ‘s saying are full of job and responsibility for husband. Read more…

Jan 2009

Seven Things about Me – tagged by Chee Aun

Tagged again by Chee Aun, one of web developer fella in Malaysia. Well if you aren’t clear about this tagging thingy, let me refresh you.

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Now.. this 7 things… argh. almost out of idea of what I wanted to share. aha got it.

  1. I didn’t ask for plastic bag if I can hold the stuff I’ve bought or I can stash it on my bag, one part of my contribution towards greener world. And I carry a bottle of water. This bottle of water will reduce the usage of plastic bottle each time you bought a mineral bottle, and it’s also a method to survive economic downturn. Read more…
Jan 2009


I was on my way back from a meeting. Passing through ampang park, I saw a guy, cycling while lying like having sunbath on the hot day.



I was riding my Jehuty so with my agility and dexterity, I’m stashing out my dearie Anne and riding motorcycle with single handed ( dasar mat rempit! ) to take the picture.  i’m able to follow him before I’m turning to Jalan Ampang

And halfway at Jalan Ampang, I thought it was way cool if I interview this fella, but only to discover he may have went another way. Sheesh. Why I can’t think of this earlier.

And talk about cool stuff, this is for Movie-lovers out there. TGV Mobile.

TGV mobile is the applicaiton to help the movie-lovers get the latest info of the movie showing at the cinemas, among the function are

  1. View ‘Now Showing Movies’ that categorized by language.
  2. View the TGV Cinema branches and see what are the movie that are shown in that cinema by date ( today, till the second-next day )
  3. View synopsis of the movie
  4. One-click-call-booking including all the branches of TGV in Malaysia ( Also covers Tebrau, Seberang Perai, Seremban & Ipoh )
  5. All general info about movie included ( Genre, Language, Showtime, Cast , Director, Runtime )
  6. Another nifty thing: Bytes Loaded Counter ( to keep track of your usage )

So hop on to our company blog to download it and to see if it’s compatible with your phone and yes, spread it please :)

Jan 2009

The alternative for boycott-ers

(this article was written and pointed to muslims especially)

If you’ve follow the news recently, we surely seen many things around. From the Israel attacks to the boycott appeal for israel product by newspaper. I don’t want to flaming anyone who against/not practising this boycott but if you’re looking for alternative product, here I go.

And I’m not bias to any product, because I’m not the salesman of any product and i didn’t receive any payment for making this alternative list. Before I proceed, my life is a multimedia producer who always jump between cafes and consume fast foods, amaze and drool about new technology.

  1. Starbucks = JCo Donuts / Big Apple : Both of this still have wifi spots and decent plug and cheap. Coffee lovers can go to Oldtown or Coffee bean.
  2. McDonalds =Ramly burger, or Om burger located in front of 7 Eleven in Ampang Jaya, near SPCA. Evenmore, 1901 the hot dog also tasty.
  3. KFC/Pizza hut = kenny rogers roasters
  4. Nokia = Sony Ericsson
  5. colgate = darlie
  6. those soft drinks = seasons ice lemon tea

This is all I can think. At first I’m also hesitate to boycott. I even fight with one of my friend about this boycott-thingy. But eversince I live with my family, staying at home, I realized I do consume less KFC and McD. When I started to mobile, I bring water altogether and often has this kinda view of cheapskate fella. i bought bread for lunch to cut-cost my meal.

This is the tiny little thing I could do.. and I still have many israel products -_- Anne is Nokia, Eruda and Freya runs on Intel. Thought AMD was non-israeli but then upon googling, people around said it’s israeli too. sheesh. Oh yes, Maggi, just another famous brand.

Take a deep breath, just boycott where you can. I’m sure many want to start, but don’t know where to start. And as for those muslim businessman and innovators, please produce an extremely good product. Pretty please. Don’t provide us with stupid alternatives.

This is my selective boycott, by mean selective means I can’t boycott YET intel and Nokia. and I really have no problems living altogether with non-muslims. It’s just that I have a problem against zionist, and this is, again, the tiny little thing I could do. how pathetic. I am.

Jan 2009
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