Bye 2008, Hello 2009 & 1430 Hijrah

So within this week, it’s a New year in Gregorian Calendar and also New Year in Hijrah Calendar. Of course, with a new year comes with a new resolution.. So A recap of my 2008 resolution and the word after // n italics is my comments

  1. completing whatever that i still didnt achieve in 2007 resolution. saving for hajj,future plans,house, paypal accounts. // saving for hajj & paypal = not, house = a bit, future plans = a bit
  2. make flavert media lab soar above the sky // 2008 move us a bit, with some projects and interest across the world
  3. all this while i’m surviving on my own money. so now, give my parents some money so they can make use of it. // currently pay for some bills. mostly the streamyx
  4. macbookpro is a must. it is sad to see freya getting older and weaker. upgrading will cost 2k-3k. so better laptop. // Freya got her twin sister, Eruda. macbookpro 15″ Penryn core 2.4GHz.. Freya got an upgrate to Prescott Socket 468, 3.4Ghz Experiment Type & 1.5Ghz RAM
  5. Install NGV for Anubis // not installed because a bit expensive
  6. The Raise Project shall enter the ‘bloom’ stage. all the process have three stages, bud bloom and blossom. // I’ve yet to update that blog.. huhu
  7. getting a credit card. perhaps. // another big no because felt paranoid for owing something
  8. spending more and more time with family // gotten better :)

So behold, 2009 Resolution

  1. Getting Prue, PlayStation 3.
  2. Expanding Flavert Media Lab by infrastucture and manpower to meet the increasing demand
  3. Install NGV for Anubis
  4. Give Jehuty to Faidhi, and I’ll got a new Valkyrie.
  5. Need to have a credit card & paypal.
  6. Need to track money spend.
  7. Need to open Tabung Haji account
  8. Getting a wireless broadband, or Unlimited 3G
  9. ( okay the list just now seems like a wish list o_O )
  10. Be more active in community. Like a BarCamp. and active again in IIS.
  11. And lastly of course, gotten better in spending more time with family, now have to triple that, to be a better man :)

And so my blog highlights on 2008, with top comments on each month

  1. First time eating Sushi King –  Jan
  2. Living life as fulltime freelancer – Feb
  3. How do Chinese live in Kelantan – Mac
  4. Teach him fishing, he’ll live forever – April
  5. May – Boring month.. so proceed to June = Visiting Jamiyah Singapore doing voluntary work . Dynamic Team Series
  6. Another June = Meet Eruda, faster than Freya
  7. Berapakah nilai kerja/sumbangan anda terhadap syarikat/team anda? – Jul
  8. Essential tools and tips for freelancer ( worker ) on the go – Aug
  9. How to wash your keyboard protector – Sept
  10. Tendang cikgu, salah siapa? – Oct
  11. Something brilliant – Nov
  12. Press Release : Bila aku mau kahwin – Dec

And click here for our company updates on 31/12/08.

So to end my post on this year, I’m going to reveal to you my petrol budget + maintenance, after a year using Anubis, from Dec 07 – Nov 08. here goes

December  07 = 300
Januari = 350
februari = 250
March = 300
April = 300
May = 300
Jun = 250
july = 550
ogos = 500
sept = 350
oct = 200
nov = 300

total = RM 3950

I maintain my car about  month or so. I think RM 1000 total for 4 times maintenance. Repaired the air conditioner for RM 700++ . Change 2 tyres two times.. one on February and one on July. both equals RM 800. And one cosmetic repair = RM 500. So calculate again

3950 + 1000 + 700 + 800 + 500 = 6950

Wow. that high. Okay Anubis is the first Proton Perdana, but upgraded with a Mitsubishi V6 Engine on 2006, but the highest speed limit is only 180, less than Savvy, 200KM/h. I was wondering why the speed being reduced compared to their first engine, at 240km/h. One Lowyat forumer told me that the engine was capped because it was from Japan and during that time before 2000, the engine was capped to follow the speed limits, which is 180Km/h. The car can hit 100KM/h easily when you step in petal for some seconds interval but will cost you a lot of petrol. Very lot.

And while chatting with sabau about this engine during our roadtrip to Edry & Kam’s wedding at Batu Pahat, Johor using his car, sabau hit me with question ” so the japanese speed limit is the limit of the engine? ” LOL. If the speed limit of Japanese was 250, means their car can hit 250??

Looking at current situation, i think I’ll be able to afford a new car in 2 years time. It’ll take that long simply because if I bought a new car right now, this house will have to have an area to store 3 cars, but we only have two drivers, my father and I. since Anubis have been fully paid, so rather than leave it at home unused, better i utilize it first. Furthermore oly when my second brother got his Car-Driving license, he’ll use Anubis.

And I’ll get Lambo :p okay be realistic, perhaps a Fantastic Sports Machine :p . WTH during economic turmoil? Be more realistic, Savvy or Satria could be fine with me. I love compact car anyway.

As usual and like previous years, my new year celebration would be the same. I’m not a party-ing person. Furthermore with the Regime Zionist attacks on Gaza, Palestin, turn off my mood for that. PBB/UN are helpless. The Regime even attacked Humanitarian Aid Boat. Perhaps we need Komander Muhammad Ameen and General Nusaybah that will protect people in Palestin.

Happy new year and Salam Maal Hijrah everyone.

Dec 2008

9 Responses to : Bye 2008, Hello 2009 & 1430 Hijrah

  1. azraai says:

    Komander Muhammad Ameen and General Nusaybah

    haha. aku bajet 100 tahun lagi.

  2. Fahmishah says:

    bila nak hadiah’kan aku PSP?

  3. waniee says:

    momochiii, salam maal hijrah n happieee new year to u!!

    wishing flavert awesome stuff for the year of 2009 n onwards!!

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    azraai = lagi 115 tahun la gamaknye
    fahmishah = ko kan dah ada isteri.. nak PSP PSP ape lagi
    waniee – thx! wish the same for bitter coffee too.. get more sweeter yah!

  5. El says:

    Happy New Year 2009 bro!

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    el – hepi new year too dude!

  7. syazwan says:

    Salam Maal Hijrah dan Selamat Tahun Baru pada Tekong dan warga Flavert sekalian!

    Jgn lupa buat kad kahwin flash aku nanti, hehe…

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    thx syazwan.. cepat cepatlah order. hehe

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