Just an event on my weekday

I was working in my home today, when suddenly my mum ask me to go down the shops and bring the coconut to ‘parut’ it and bought extra coconut. I was busy completing some projects so I bullied Anum by telling her to go instead of me.. and Anum replied,

“I don’t want to go alone, there’s risk of kidnapping”

I go WTH!.. one because she’s smart, and two because she’s so smart that she answered like that. But then who to blame? The shops was just 50 metres away and she’s so scared to go alone. She’s just 8 so I took a deep breath, walk with her to the shops.

Talk about who to blame, of course you know who to blame, but because they reduced another 10 cent of fuel petrol price tomorrow, 16 Dec, you can’t blame them but instead, be thankful of the reduced priced. But then, the merchandise priced were not reduced. The food price were increased. The crime rate were not reduced. The quality of public transportation were not increased. The politic-crap were not reduced. The toll price were not reduced. The Ntional Soccer team were wasted. Evenmore, they talk like our nation economy were not affected. Another propaganda.

Proper but when you ‘ganda’ it ( multiply it ) = propaganda

Dec 2008

4 Responses to : Just an event on my weekday

  1. Fahmishah says:

    Apa sebab agak’nya TNB tak nak turunkan tarif elektrik ya ?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    sebab derang sorang je provide letrik kot?

  3. azraai says:

    undilah BN. anda akan mewarisi sistem ekonomi paling huru hara.

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    azraai = undilah BN == Barang Naik

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