to those middle east drivers ( in malaysia )

I was driving alone with Anubis last sunday, back from BarCamp JB after leaving Syia & Odin, to MMU Cyberjaya to take Rahmat’s Canon EOS 400D for syed huzaifah’s wedding. It was a rainy day. Pretty heavy. I took the Putrajaya Exit via KLIA expressway. After having U-Turn nearby LimKokWing Cyberjaya to MMU, there goes a red savvy dashing on a rainy day.

I let them pass. My Need-For-Speed isn’t boiling that time for it was a rainy day and accidents always happen in Cyberjaya. Listening to Red FM, I continue driving till I was in front TMNET Cyberjaya and I saw….

The red savvy was turning 180 ( anti-clockwise ) on that slippery road. The tail of the car was heading to TMNET Cyberjaya and the front was facing NTT MSC ( if im not mistaken. )They were okay and fine. Wind down my window to see those fellas inside. They were Arabs/Middle East fella, staring at me with the look written on their face ‘ What’s wrong dude?’

Dude, for god sake, it was raining and you were driving faster than cheetah. Don’t you know many of you guys dead in accident here in Malaysia? I’m no your relatives, not even know you and didn’t even bother but please drive carefully for your family sent you far away to study not to have an accident.

No wonder for some car rental service in MMU doesn’t provide rentals for foreigners. They’ll wreck the car and the car owner will go ‘Dude what happen to my car’ ?

Dec 2008

3 Responses to : to those middle east drivers ( in malaysia )

  1. oDiN says:

    ko igt foreigner mmu cyber je ker ?
    melaka pon same ..
    (xder isu perkauman disini .. huhu )

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – tu sebab tajuk besar dia aku tak target mana mana.. tak kisah pun foreigner limkokwing, tp derang drive mmg mcm orang bodoh

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