Congrats Syed Huzaifah & Sharifah Syadiyah!

Wishing both of you guys a wonderful journey as husband and wife and have a lot of kids ( as what I overheard from ur uncle :p )

Sorry, my eyes and ears, and my body sometimes operates beyond it’s normal limit 😛

Credit: taken by me using rahmat‘s Canon EOS 400D

Next: Edry Faisal & Kamariah, 20th December, JB

So 6-7 Dec: BarcampJB, 8-10 Dec: Changlun, Kedah & Arau, Perlis, 20 Dec: Batu Pahat, JB. Lot of travelling this month. Lucky the price oil have been reduced.

I just drove Munzir’s Gen 2 from Changlun > Juru > Taiping  ( Kuey Teow Doli ). Then from Ulu Bernam > KL. So called funny story : On last monday, I’m and Huzaifah on his Savvy, and Munzir and Fadli was in Munzir Gen2, convoy from KL, decide to take a detour to Taiping for Kuey Teow Doli. Drove 15km extra and it was close, obviously because it was Raya Haji. Then today ( wednesday ), planed with Munzir and Fadli to get the kuey teow no matter what.  I was paying the toll at Taiping Utara Plaza Toll and the toll gate girl on duty, her name was Sharifah Nurhidayah (SN). So I ask her,


Me: Kak, is kuey teow doli open today? ( handling the tickets and payment )

SN: ‘Staring at me, and sending a cold intention for disturbing her counting the money’

and she replies – Not sure. Perhaps.( with a sweet smile )

Me: Oh Okay, Thanks. BTW my friend, syed just got married this afternoon.. ( and sped off the car leaving her wondering wth )

went to doli, have a dinner and went back at the same toll gate girl


Me: I bet SN maybe switch to another toll booth, to the one we’re heading now.

Munzir: You bet. Ye lah tuu.

thenn~~~ It was her again, the same person giving the tickets at the toll booth.

Me: Kak, Kuey Teow Doli SEDAAAPPPP~~

then sped off


Ain’t funny when it was written, but I bet it was funny for that girl that she will wrote on her diary entitled “My Funny Experience/Encounters being A Toll Gate Girl”

Those diary thingy, is of course, speculation and assumption.

//Updated. FYI, Syed Huzaifah & Sharifah Syadiyah appeared on NSTP because ‘Three siblings married on the same day’ news here.

If i were to do that, I must wait till my age around 28, sopi will be around 25 and faidhi will be 23. Can’t wait for Anum coz she’s still 13 that year haha. But

Dec 2008
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16 Responses to : Congrats Syed Huzaifah & Sharifah Syadiyah!

  1. Fuad says:

    Waaaah. This is a real blow for me. Meet this Syed quite a few times through a friend at Malacca. Dah kahwin da? Waaaaa. I’m shock.

    So kau bila lagi Ikhwan Nazri Mohd Asran? Haha. Takpe. Aku baca nak baca press release kau dulu.

  2. Bat says:

    Salam Aidiladha,

    Awat la hang tak pi bagi name card kat SN tu?? Lain kali sila spare kan sekeping dalam poket baju, hahaha…

  3. waniee says:

    hahaha momochi!! so cute of u to do dat!!!!! i bet it made her day!

  4. Fahmishah says:

    hahaha, apsal tak amik gambor budak tu..hiihi

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    fuad – dah baca ? :p
    bat – sebab aku komited semasa memandu :p
    waniee – hope so hueheuheuheue
    fahmishah – tak sempat la huhu

  6. Ko nanti jangan pergi JB pulak (rujuk pada post di atas). Batu Pahat tu sebelum JB tau hahaha

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    edry – tau tau. huehue

  8. zafee says:

    wahh masuk paper agik… bkan 27 aribulan eh…

  9. zafee says:

    sape nak sponsor aku kawin sile sms aku segera

  10. faiz says:

    wooo….ezafie nak kawin gak…huu…kalau kt banting mesti wat ala2 jawa nih.

    “unda bujur2 handak lawan ikam, ding ae, hakun lah kawin lawan aku?” copy paste

  11. oDiN says:

    oh tekong .. cepat la kahwin .. aku taw ko sangap tengok member2x ko kahwin

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    zafee – itu sebelah syed nye da.. 27hb kat uia tau
    faiz – itu jawa ke? agagaga.. apsal mcm banjar takpun orang asli nye sebutan
    odin – aku ada nampak mcm orang sangap ke? ker ko je? heheh

  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    testing komennn biasa

  14. Rahmat says:

    takkan credit jer kot untuk aku?akakakaka…

  15. Rahmat says:

    credit jer ker?

  16. ikhwan nazri says:

    aah credit je. topup celcom :p

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