Journey to Barcamp JB

ahoy!. barcampJB really rocks. from the journey on the friday evening to the view on the saturday at the top of MSC Cyberport, it was pretty exhilarating. too bad have to went back on saturday so I miss all the joy and juice on day 2.

So my journey to BarCamp JB starts on friday, where after meeting my client, I went to zufar’s crib to help him with portfolio cd that he’ll be presenting to various company during siggraph next week on singapore. wishing him the best for getting the job from lucas arts or ubisoft. atfer that, met Emi to replenish my stock of name cards for barcamp jb. then, drove all the way down to jb, but took a detour to malacca.

wait, why detour to malacca?

Since i do said who want to hitch a ride with me on my previous post, Syia and Odin replied and want to join me. Do I need to introduce them ? Syia is one of soon to be technopreneur after she graduate and odin, of course, will become sabau’s prodigy plus, a very important programmer. So since I’m a kungfu boy, i bring along a kungfu chix(syia) and kungfu prodigy(odin) as named by Sharief Manjur, one of my new friend in Start-Up Camp KL.

Reaching Malacca, three of us went to Tesco, to bought sleeping bag for syia and then to Umbai, to have a seafood feast at Parameswara. Having cencaru, sweet sour siput sedut, and kailan ikan masin, all of us were bloated at the end. On that morning, 4am, all of us having Move It! Breakfast meal at McD and because of the strong coffee, it do energize me all the way to JB, with a detour to Pagoh R&R for taking a bath and dawn prayer (solat subuh ).

Amran & Sumardi

Guess what, we’ve met Amran ( the owner of AIST and Zen Pipe ) and Sumardi (Software Machine Development) at the rest area when performing subuh prayer. Previously that night Odin was discussing with Amran to convoy together, but denied for that offer afraid of any last-minute change. But we met at Pagoh and completing our dawn prayers together, the world is really small after all.

Then, after both of us, ( me and Amran ) filling our car tank, we rush to JB. The morning driving is pretty breathtaking but spoiled by Odin snores at the back. We’re the earliest to arrive at the MSC Cyberport minus the committee and yes, amaze by the view of Singapore just across the bridge.

So the day started with opening speech by Daniel Cerventus, telling the rules of Barcamp and thanking the generous sponsors for that event. I start my day by listening to ‘How to make money in EBay’ by Carol. She teach us on what items to sell till sharing some weird items that sold in EBay. Guess what, there’s a popcorn also being sold there. Lol.

Mrs Ebay – Photo by Sumardi

Then,  we went to Digital Signage – Advertising past, present, and future’ – talk by Lionel. He’s explaining the revolution of advertising starting from the past, by traditional media to the future which is using hologram, augmented reality, laser tv, OLED tv, and many more. The modern advertising will evolve pararelled with the technology revolution, day by day.

Lionel – Photos by Sumardi

Then, we went to MDeC session by Jamie and Andi, explaining about the grants. As for grants, Singaporeans can’t apply for grant however, they can apply for MSC-Status ( correct me if im wrong ). It is known that getting the grants was not that hard but then, please make the proposal easy to understand to please the judge. They keypoint have to be detailed so that a normal person can understand.

Talk about normal person, I’m one of them. Currently learning all business jargons by other person. Last yersterday, I’m almost clueless when those high-rank bosses talking and mentioning about FMCG

wth? oho. FMCG is Fast Moving Consumer Goods, terms used by advertisers/advertising agency.

Back to the track, after MDeC session, we’re having lunch. While five of us discussing/chit-chatting, came Vyruz/Fairuz and Ellem my senior in Digital Media, MMU.  I’ve invited Ellem to present his works of Flash Lite Wallpapers so if you like cute stuff, visit his website to download those interactive wallpapers.

Chak from Foldees – Photos by Sumardi

After having our lunch and combining our Afternoon & Evening Prayers ( Jamak Zohor & Asar ), i’ve went to ‘From talking cock at the mamak to creating a business and running it’ by Chak from Foldees. He was sharing his experience running his business. His sample of greeting cards were pretty nice and good. Just in case you’re a designer and want to have some cool prizes + showing off your creativity, log on to foldees and submit your design.

James YeangKiva – Photos by iris Khoo

Next, I attended ‘How to change the world with $25 – an introduction to Kiva’ – by James Yeang a.ka Fried Beef and ‘How to Utilize Online Social Networking to Built Your Blog Reader and Grow Your Business!’ – by Jerry Ong. FriedBeef shared with us what is Kiva is all about. It’s about micro-loan and if let say your income is just RM1000, you’re still the lucky person because there’s still people who just earn a ringgit one day. So Kiva, the person who don’t able to make a loan, especially in Third-World, can ask for a loan from online and then, there will be a page of their details and fund needed to run their business. To enlighten you on Kiva, watch this – The Girl Effect. Jerry Ong then continue the session by showing some tricks to utilize online social networks like Facebook, Ping.Fm, Twitter in relation with your business. Admit that Online Social Networking are vital to growing your business. Even our company, actually, after one year, still having a single page but we’re having development blog and facebook pages to increase our presence in online world.

Next, it was my session. The feel was a bit different. It felt like a large room unlike previous BarCamp KL which is pretty tight. Maybe because of the views, which is, Singapore is my background. A bit shaky presentation anyway. I’ve shared on some tips to design user interface for Mobile Apps in Flash Lite. Then, I’ve invited Ellem to present his mobile wallpapers. His presentation was more fluent and smooth. Then after our session, we’re stormed with people who’re interested with Flash Lite.

I was unable to attend Mental Software by Lau Kok Pin. Sounds so cool about his session because this is the introduction at barcamp jb website ” explaining the limiting programs *cough* (Vista) we have running in our minds since childhood. And the benefits and treasures we could unleash. Written from the perspective of a Web programmer. Including many inspirations from Technology heroes like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Also presented would be how to observe ur colleages and `subordinate and how to inspire them” Hope he’ll upload it to SlideShare.

Then, we’re having some sort of discussion with Andi while having our dinner. it’s about the stuff going around in Malaysia and Andi experience visiting Google and Microsoft Office. Listening to Google Office environment do wonders me but still, I admit that eventhough Google is one of the office that i dream of, MythBuster is my dream job anyways.

Then, after combining Sunset & night prayer ( Maghrib & Isya ) three of us heading back to malacca, but bumps into Sumardi and Amran who just come back from watching movie. As we took our ways separately, I get lost and bumps again to Amran at Danga Bay. Really small, the world is.

Arrive at Malacca around 1am morning. A bit late because I’m driving slowly and having an hour so-called power nap at Pagoh. R&R. Then that marks my journe to barcampJB, but continues with journey to Syed Huzaifah wedding at Perlis, tomorrow morning ( monday ) after Raya Prayer. wwooot!

Lastly, I would like to thank all Barcamp JB committees. Daniel, you’re the man! After this will be BarCamp Penang and also, BarCamp KL again next year. Thanks to the attendees and speakers of Barcamp JB to make this event a happening event for this last year of 2008. Of course, unconference really rocks. See you guys next year!

I was lazy to copy pics from facebook album so I just copy all the pics from odin. hahaha

Malacca . :)

Me and Syia - by Sumardi #barcamp jb

Odin and Syia – by Sumardi #barcamp jb

Tekong and Syia

Tekong and Syia

MSC Cyberport

MSC Cyberport

Johor Bharu View 1

Johor Bharu View 1

Johor Bharu View 2

Johor Bharu View 2

Registration With Daniel Cerventus

Registration With Daniel Cerventus

Opening Speech by Daniel Cerventus

Opening Speech by Daniel Cerventus

The Food

The Food

Digital Signage - Advertising past, present, and future.

Digital Signage – Advertising past, present, and future.

From talking cock at the mamak to creating a business and running it. - Chak

From talking cock at the mamak to creating a business and running it. – Chak

I’ll be back online on thursday, spam my commentbox please.

Dec 2008

3 Responses to : Journey to Barcamp JB

  1. tokrimau says:

    BarcampJB was my 1st Barcamp. Felt awkward at first but I got the hang of it later. I learn a lot of things.

    I saw you but we didn’t get to talk. Maybe in the next Barcamp.

    Slmt Hr Ry!

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    selamat hari raya tok rimau! hope u do enjoy barcamp thingy and of course, make ur mark next time for penang and KL :)

  3. amran says:

    Heh, tq for the review. Aku dah lama tak update blog aku semenjak start up camp. Mungkin boleh jumpa lagi di BarCamp Melaka

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