yesterday was a tiring day. bring anum to enjoy her school holiday, have to fill her demands that is to go to Menara KL. Before that, I’ve decided to watch AntooFighter. herm. not a bad movie but also not a great movie. Oh well. But it’s pretty fun to find all those funny things like

  1. promotional for pergh.com
  2. unsure if this related, but in the whiteboard inside the office, there’s this statement ‘-company name- still didn’t pay RM 20/200 K’ maybe their production owned some payment
  3. their montage and the vfx of KL tower
  4. their hidden message.
But one thing that snaps me is i think I’ve heard two ost of my favorite anime inside that. Oh well, (good thoughts) maybe they didn’t have a lot of budget.
then going to menaraKL since anum wanted to go there, but disappointed for later she was complaining that it was a boring trip. lucky there was a mini-zoo at menara KL and spending time watching exotic animals. The white parrot were dancing before shitting. nice move.
Upon arriving home, some of my primary-school classmates, Faiz Aziz, Nadiah Amalina, Azilah Sani and Syeila AKQ ask for a meet up. went to Hulu Langat Look-up point. It was a breath-taking view up dare far from hectic life and the fuzzy foggy of KL. The view was gorgeous. went back at home pretty late and quite tired.
Then, in my sleep, i dream of seems-real-things. There’s this one traffic light where I cross the red light with jehuty, and there’s police chasing me. In an attempt to escape, I just speeding but I didn’t make a wreck of that town. But then, just like Need For Speed, the police cars chasing me increasing… increasing… increasing..
till there’s a part of there was two helicopters flying around just to find me which is still escaping for the criminal offense of not stopping during the red light. So I park my motorcycle, proceed by walking. There’s this time there was a sniper-laser mark on the tree and i was able to avoid it. afraid of being killed, I’ve jump to the sea/river which is later I think it was the Golden Gate Bridge. I have to dive when there’s a speedboat/navy fella looking for me.
I was able to dive for about 2-3 times and then, my stamina wears me out, the water begins to fill my nose and ears, and later, lungs. Felt hard to breath, I think I was waving my hands then my mother cames in
‘iwan, why your laptop suddenly ejects it’s cd?’
Phew, close call :p
  1. Don’t hit the red lights
  2. Give cooperation to the police. Ask them what’s the problem and what crime that you’ve commit.
  3. You have the right to remain silent but you don’t have the right for running away even if you’re not guilty.
  4. Keep Fit so you can swim/dive much longer
  5. Take swimming classes
  6. Don’t sleep after dawn
  7. Don’t make yourself extremely tired after you’ve watching a ghost-horror movie ( not related :p )
  8. If you install the software, don’t leave it unattended although computer was meant to be automated.
  9. make your will before sleeping for there’s a possibility to die in your sleep -_-!
  10. say a prayer before sleeping.
if you ask me about antoofigher, i say ‘they could do better’ or ‘at least the effects still proper rather than go-kart under lorry in Impak Maksima’
oh well, i’m not a cinema-goer anyway
Nov 2008

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