Malaysia have more states and land, Boleh-Land!

Thanks to RoshFaizal, ( if his name sounds familiar, he’s the one who make Anuar Zain – Mungkin anime-ish mtv ) he gave me this link just now.

Abdullah to intervene in tussle

Caption = In agreement: Abdullah and Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov witnessing the exchange of documents between Unity, Cultural, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal and Uzbekistan Commission for the Coordination of Science and Technology chairman Shavkat Salihon at the Presidential Residence in Durmen, Uzbekistan, on Monday. — Bernama

Wait.. there’s something wrong.

Click more 😛

aha Gotcha!

get it? We have more states just now. yeay! more land to conquer and divide. 21 states yeahu. The yellow stars supposedly to have only 14 points. This is the meaning of Malaysian Flag.


The flag of Malaysia consists of 14 alternating horizontal stripes of red and white that run down the flag, starting with red at the top. In the top left quarter of the Malaysian flag there is a blue square. Inside the square sits a yellow crescent and 14-pointed star.

Malaysian Flag Meaning:
The 14 stripes and points of the star represent the 13 member states of the Malaysian federation and the Federal District of Kuala Lumpur. They represent equal status in the federation of the states and in the federal government. The crescent and star imagery represent Islam, and yellow is a traditional royal color. The blue square stands for unity of the Malaysian people. The blue was originally adopted from the British Union Jack and represented Malaysia’s link to Britain.



Rejoice fellow malaysians!, we have more states and land now. Our economic shall grow more healthy and petrol would be more cheaper with the acquisition of new land. Then, we shall fight each other to decide who are the owner of the newly-discovered land. I can haz a boleh-land!

That was a sarcasm if you can’t understand my geek + broken english. kofkofkof ( tiru trademark chapan )

Oh please help me to answer this single question, a poll conducted by me thanks.

Nov 2008

2 Responses to : Malaysia have more states and land, Boleh-Land!

  1. signither says:

    no yellow crescent there, so no more Islam in Bolehland?? :(

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    signither = no la.. that was the flag was not waving horizontally hahah

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