Meeting Asimo

Yesterday I was at One Utama, watching Asimo & Madagascar 2. Madagascar 2 is a fun movie for kids and for adults who want to just relax at the weekends. Here are the videos of Asimo in action.

More Asimo in action below. click more ya!

Anum speculating that there was a person/kid inside. Then she realize that there’s no one. She never saw things like this before. Their products such as mugs, tshirt are quite pricey RM50. Even the keychain priced at RM23. Perhaps it’s their standard price when do world tour with Asimo.I’m in a tight spot so I bought their magic shrinking art keychain but I didn’t have a oven-toaster. Can’t do with microwave. Anyone with a toaster can help me do their shrinking art keychain? onegai shimas!

So Asimo can do those wonders. starting from walking, then running, then standing on one leg, then the latest one he/she ( what gender is this robot anyway? ) can kick a ball. The next leap for Honda i think to make asimo jumping and landing. Asimo can run pretty fast though. and in future, asimo would be able to assist humans life.

One thing i’ve been thinking, if my kids get busy later on, I might end up spending my daily life with Asimo, when it has been marketed. Think it further, my kids would be a damn-rich fella if they were to bought Asimo to personally assist me in my old days. Just for me and my wife. Asimo still won’t be cheap in next 30-50 years.

Turn the tables, maybe I’m just another fella in Old-Folks house or at Hospital sharing Asimo with other people.

I’m good at speculating, yes I do. And i speculate that i die around 50-60. marks your calendar guys and girls.. kofkofkof. people always tell me to think and pray of good things. I do think and pray of good things, but also always think the worst care scenario to prepare for it. More worst, is to not prepare to overcome the worst case scenario that you expect.

Went to Yoshinoya. Felt a bit.. ordinary. maybe because i was eating their rice bowl. next time shall try their Udon. At least it isn’t a rice that i ate everyday. oh well.

Now, I have to work extra hard so my kids later can bought Asimo for me. laugh out loud please. it will be appreciated.

Nov 2008

3 Responses to : Meeting Asimo

  1. azraai says:

    us army punya bleh tembak guna snipper lagi.

  2. faiz says:

    “Just for me and my wife”aaa…bila nak kawin tekong?

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    azraai – aku tak perlukan robot sniper :p aku leh snipe sendiri. lgpun dah tua kot.
    faiz – lom lagik la.. tu ayat tu ayat penyedap je. kang kalo siapa-yg-nak-jadi-isteri-aku terbaca ni pastu aku tak tulis mcm tu, nnt dia cakap “awak sorang je nak asimo, saya nak gak”

    so kira post aku ni future-proof la :p dan utk pancing orang. sape jadi bini aku nnt dpt kebahagiaan + asimo. hahah! sengal! melawak je weh!

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