Free Open Source Software day 1, Malaysia

today i spend a happy day at I’m not an opensourcer but i love free stuff and knowledge. Moreover, to know what the other human do for other human good is the good thing for other human to know.  ( saja merumitkan bahasa :p )

The day starts with opening keynote that i hardly concentrate with but one thing i know is the naming convention of the newer microsoft office ( ie, docx ) the ‘x’ was exist because they start to using Office XML.

Next, went to Introduction to MyMeeting but hardly can’t get any grasp of it. My company also develop a CMS but rather, a custom made from scratch. Previously we built one for Institut Perguruan Islam Selangor using CodeIgniter as framework. Looking at the design interface, i can smell a bit lack of user experience but didn’t have the urge to complain so i just leave it. perhaps i’ll try to download it and run it first.

After having a tea break, is about Open Source and Silverlight. nothing much difference from what I saw during Sifoo: Microsoft workshop last… forgot what month. I’ve installed Silverlight plugin for Mac and then, i realize something weird. Because Eruda (Macbookpro) was running on battery, the battery ‘time remaining’ drop so suddenly the moment i run a deep-zoom example. this must be related with CPU processing. tomorrow i’ll try to test with power plugged and going to search some links for flash-ala-deep-zoom to compare cpu processing.

next, jump into anotherroom to listen to ORCA Screen Reader. OMG.Saw blind people using computer. it was kinda… a new things for me. The accessibility really helps the disabled people to use technologies. brilliant. forgot to tell you, it’s open source, free of course.

and before having lunch, spend the time to listen to navigating the Commons. The sounds was echo-ing and i felt like back in my universities where i had to learn about Media Law.

having Subway Club for lunch. Is this kind of geek-camping ( barcamp/fossmy ) will always have subways? will startup camp have subways too ? 😛 lol

after lunch, it was a Building Business with Open Source. Daniel Cerventus has just demonstrated a great opensource presentation by making the people participating/sharing in the session. I mean, this is the best example of unconference, audience talks yo!

next is OSS at is somewhat kinda facebook in japan, but with freaking amazing faster speed compare to facebook. they use memcached, lamp, mysql… they have 3000 servers to support the demand and have 500k of visitors after two months deploying so they need to catchup and introducing new things to keep the people coming.

next during lightning talks, arzumy talk about God, an application actually, roni with some ideas of working 4 days a week, arafat ( if i’m not mistaken his name ) talks about the tv devices he have been hacking and last person who talks about blender that going to siggraph.

to close the day, a keynote presentation was given by Pia Waugh about building a strong Free Open Source Software communities. She also giveaway two OLPC laptops and one of them was this cute little kid wearing penguin shirts ( linux logo ) and another guy won it. and quotes today dari nazroll buyot during that session

don’t be afraid to become a fool for saying something you know, rather than be a fool for keeping it yourself…

sleep! tomorrow going for 2nd day and i’m going to talk during lightning talks.. another bravery attempt to leverage myself to become a public speaker before I’m lobbying the votes for the next Malaysia General Election to become Prime Minister

please don’t take serious the last statement. I’m seriously joking, unless there’s some serious supporters of me seriously wanna see me giving some of so-called serious megaproject to kick some serious income to this not-so-serious country :p

enough crapping tekong. well i always wanted to do some joke. lame joke indeed.

//photos of the kid captured by Sumardi

Nov 2008

3 Responses to : Free Open Source Software day 1, Malaysia

  1. Nice write up on first day of fossmy. And we do lack experience very much actually in regards to mymeeting and cakephp. Please do try it and tell us how we could improve. The world is AWESOME.. 😀 Thanx..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    abdullah – will try it 😀
    sumardi – thaks for there’s one of my pic 😀

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