Happy 1st Birthday, the company :)

The cake is not a lie :p Happy 1st Birthday to the company, Flavert Media Lab Sdn Bhd that was incorporated on 07/11/07 such a nice number for a coincidence with 7/11. Before that, the company has existed since 2004 in freelance world.

We didn’t throw a party, but just a small meetup between CEO, CTO and our Graphic Designer that is me, sabau, and allia. Since we’re not partying, we end up doing a usability test drive for WeddingKami.com

And here, as one of the co-founders of the company would like to thank

  1. God, Allah S.W.T for giving the strength, knowledge, and also, this life itself
  2. Supports from family
  3. A nice teamwork combination of the company.
  4. Al-Isra geng
  5. Friends in MMU that become our main referrals 😀
  6. And my clients, my visitors, forum friends, randomly met,
  7. and for anyone who gave me an inspiration even though a single laugh and smile and appreciation towards our work.

Life is just awesome. Thank God.
PS:// im going to give a 2ND talk entitled=  2nd Hour with Flash Lite: How Flash Lite can help your Business during Start-Up Camp this 22-23 November. If you have any specific request want to know, please told me so. thanks!

P PS:// congratulations to liyananaznim for becoming an aunty.

P P PS:// Still not too late ( i hope ) to register for Adobe CS4 Launching 11/11 event and also, Start-Up Camp (22-23/11). Tomorrow I’m attending FOSS.my ( Free & Open Source Software ) was pretty clueless but eager to know. see u there.

Nov 2008
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11 Responses to : Happy 1st Birthday, the company :)

  1. Bat says:

    Happy Birthday Flavert!

    So sad because I cannot attend FOSS tomorrow even the venue is near my home, but anyway, see you this 11th November. =D

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    bat – thx dud.. see you this 11th!

  3. senn says:

    a bit late, but may flavert grow healthy and happy in future years :)

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    senn – hey thanks 😀

  5. allia says:

    yey!slamat ari jadi flavert.cake tu sedap la..hehe =p
    thanx for inviting me.yukatta!

  6. faiz says:

    wuuuu…eppy birthday to flavert!!!!!!!

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    allia & faiz – thx thx. pasni kerja ahahaha

  8. IcedNyior says:

    congrats on ur one yr anniversary 😀 May you have more success later

    psst, ada job kosong tak? tgh cari ni 😛

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    icednyior – thanks so much 😀 tp buat masa ni takde vacancy lah. thx!

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