Barack Obama Wins – A new Hope ( and also for Malaysia? )

Congratulations Barack Obama!

The truth is, i never follow the news about US election because… I don’t know.. I really didn’t follow it. I just know 2 party, Democrat and Republican, know their faces, ( Sarah Palin is cute, well, spectacles :p ) and know they’ve been campaigning for so long. And I also didn’t know what they fight for. Until Kamal Fariz, a Rails programmer gave me a video clip to inspire me when I’m doing any montage projects after this. The video clip is made by one of Obama fan and almost explains everything what Obama wanted to change, change for hope.

Nice video clip aren’t they? But more over, I ask you, Did you find the message effective?? Indeed

Another one facts that a race/skin color factor is no longer a clear factor for US. ( I don’t want to be racist here ). But accept the fact that US residents now more open. They don’t see race as a hindrance. Sounds familiar? The US has progressed from being a divided society to one that could elect a black US president. This serves as a wake-up call to Malaysia. We vote for different people to take down a blatant goverment that doesnt capable of handling the nation. Chinese voting for Muslims, Muslims voting for indians, and three-vice-versa.

It is not which race you belong to but who you are that should decide if you deserve to lead a nation. The same with malaysia too in the last general election where Pakatan sweeps 5 states and this provide a new hope for malaysia. The government up until now doesn’t believe the sweep and still, pridely, control the nation with utter uselessness and with false evidence to the people.

When they’re so many false evidence and news, people will resort to alternative sources. That’s the reason why Blog suddenly hot like a fluffy pancakes in Malaysia. When people doesn’t get credible news, they’ll resort to blog or alternative news portal like MalaysiaKini. A factor that helps the propaganda of Pakatan. A channels that help spread the message to to the niche Malaysian people. A very important pipelines that hold many of teenagers and the youth that will become the frontlines of the nation sooner.

Again, Goverment fail to know this.

Pakatan message throughout the internet not just using the blogs, but also with video clips like this.

With opposition gaining support through blog, goverment made a Blog show.

And maybe government later on will also want to do an apple-like and obama-like video above.

Oh well, Screw you guys, I’m going home ( Eric Cartman – southpark )

//A must read article = America has change, will we ever?

Nov 2008

7 Responses to : Barack Obama Wins – A new Hope ( and also for Malaysia? )

  1. faiz says:

    huu..nice ytube yg fisrt tuh..gempak gak

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    faiz – oo yg youth for change eh.. tula.. ala ala apple.. agaga

  3. Emi says:

    I love the obama montage.. the design are nice.. 😀

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    emi – ckp je ko love obama, sesegan lak :p

  5. Eazy says:

    Hi Ikhwan. I have to disagree race/skin color factor is no longer a clear factor of US voters. I’m wondering for instance, if Obama were to be a Republican candidate, would the record blacks turnout vote for a white Democratic candidate? He would be declared Uncle Tom, such as what happened to Colin Powell & Condoleezza Rice. Having said that, I agree that the Americans are more open about racial issues and are able to talk about it in a mature manner without resorting to keris wielding, ISA etc.

    I think it is more of opportune time, where bigger issues (economy, Iraq, Bush) take precedence than a candidate’s race. If there’s no such issues, would Obama sweep all those votes? Maybe, but more likely he’ll win with lesser votes. It’s similar to the so-called “political tsunami” in Malaysia, where corruption, inept governance and sheer arrogance take precedence before racial issues.

    By the next election, will the Malays feel UMNO had their lessons learnt, climb back to their shell and start voting in race-based pattern?

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    darn..wrote a long reply but disconnected when posting

    eazy – unsure. if this year’s election is the ‘fallen’, the next election will be ‘change we need’

  7. southpark is great! the best cartoon that i have ever watched~~~

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