Em Gee Ess Pee OOOHH! ( MGSPO lah )

i got a neu ting ap mai sliiivvvvv

det iz to vizit I Can Has Cheez Burger!

en hear i wan tu sho yew mai PWNED SESSIONNAAAA!!!


i kil a lottaaa! rid mor aaaa


yew en ai dai togetHAAAA





CAMPBELL & SNEKAAAA !!!! Hideo Kojima iz a funneh guy fo dis konberzation!

// talking in this kind of internet meme maybe does bring down a bit of my reputation but here goes my disclaimer. FYI, eventhough ikhwan nazri is one of the owner of Flavert Media Lab, he has the rights to speak of his mind on here, his personal blog, nazri://my sight. Do note that everything showed here are entirely mine and do not reflect the views of Flavert Media Lab in anyways. If you would like to see my view that reflects the company, click here.

and you might want to see something brilliant, yes i know you want it.

oh, happy birthday syia and firdaus ariff!

Oct 2008

4 Responses to : Em Gee Ess Pee OOOHH! ( MGSPO lah )

  1. syia says:

    awk..mekacih wish semlm :)
    waaa.. cet.. rugi syia x angkat call..
    mase tu dok kire2 bape sms dpt heheh

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – haha sms suda :p banyak la tu dpt sms

  3. LiyanaNaznim says:

    aku try imagine ko sebut ayat2 tu dengan penuh emosi sambil mengesat-ngesat peluh di dahi.. hmm, lawak plak rasenye.

    “yew en ai dai togetHAAAA”


  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    liyananaznim – berpeluh mana tak nye.. main internet online.. lag pun ada.. aihhh

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