Boys Raya Convoy 2008

The day arrives, Boys Raya Convoy 2008. Click here to view previous year convoy.

So the convoy was on Sunday. The participants are me, syazwan, muaiz, iskandar, ezaffie, fasya, syakir, noxus, pedot the artist who appear in the cinderella finale and syed who joining in at the last house. This year participant is 9 person. This convoy take place of 4 cars, all proudly malaysian made proton cars, and 4 homes, Iskandar, Klang > Ezaffie, Banting > Syazwan, Taman Melawati > Sabau, Gombak. Total distance as from my trip meter = 100+ kms.


okay the story begins with Iskandar’s house.

So we set to meet at Iskandar’s house, Klang at 10 am.The dishes was meehoon and chicken wings. The chocolate biscuits was tasty. We wait for other participants up until 1130pm where all people showed up, enjoy the meal, and laugh upon Ultraman show plus… recap video of pedot appearance in Cinderella Finale. hahahaha


Then we’re off tpo Ezaffie house. I remember that he told syazwan that his house just 2-3 minutes away from here. it was a complete lie. i think 15 minutes to get there. One sense of Ezaffie humor is he even make the mistakes on choosing roads to his house. So we arrive at ezaffie house around.. 1++PM where we have our second feast of the day = Mushroom Soup, Liver & Gizzards + potatoes, a kind of ‘pecal’ ( javanese cuisine ) which includes beans,kangkung, and pedas pedas, jellys, fish, and of course, raya biscuits. the funny thing here is, we have a lunch while watching ‘Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe’. Lucky we, it’s not that dirty because this episode shows how they maintain a NASA Crawler.

Oh boy look at ezaffie picture .. a soon to be father perhaps ?




See how that Mike Rowe and his NASA Crawler catches our attention.

Next, off to Syazwan’s house. We depart around 2.30PM++ and arrive at syazwan’s house around .. 4.00pm. had three traffic jams that is Bandar Tasik Selatan, Cheras, and Pandan. At Cheras, 2 cars was totalled, domino-ed, or sandwiched, bumper by bumper coalition while at Pandan, accross the road, one car flipped upside down. And theaccident spot at cheras was just a few metres away from our last year crashing site. On the way also there was one point, near with Tesco Cheras, I’m braking Anubis so hard that ezaffie can feel the inertia and all my belongings at the back seat was thrown away to the front to stop Anubis from hitting Fasya Gen-2 infront. huhu. I did keep my distance but i didn’t keep the speed. lucky we’re safe or.. Sejarah Mungkin Berulangggg.

So at Syazwan house, since we spend one and a half hour on the road, the stomach have already been emptied. Having said that, we’re being served with Chicken Soup ( for the soul ), nasi Impit, Mee Kuning, Kuah Kacang, Fruit pudding, The Delicious Kings Ice Cream, and, Ferero Rocher that compliments the ice cream. wohooo.


Then, we complete the feast with Tea and cookies, and have the same spot of photos, just like the last year photo. Below is this year photo.


Then, we depart from syazwan’s house at 530PM and heading towards sabau’s house at Gombak. Syed join us. Arrive around 6++PM and there, we’re having Cheese Macaroni and Fussili Carbonara cooked by his lovely wife. Again, these group of barbaric Uruk Hai can’t just stand watching so we’re start eating and get full. Even Noxus went to ‘pit-stop’, and start refilling again.


And another picture of sooner to become a father..


As yu can see from the picture, we’re leaving. At 7PM, we stop our convoy here and depart from Sabau’s home.

This year, our convoy didn’t face any mishaps. That might because they’re not going to my home. Last year, the accident happens before and after visiting my home. It’s not I don’t want to ‘open’ my house, but Ampang was pretty stuck up traffic jam in this festive season. Plus, not many parking space available unless you want to park in the longkang, like Muaiz last year :p Anyhow the absence of my home was replaced with sabau’s home.

So see you guys next year!

Oct 2008
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16 Responses to : Boys Raya Convoy 2008

  1. zafee says:

    oiii celaka candid!

  2. zafee says:

    2-3 minit tu dr rumah lama aku la..~_~ bkan dr umah is..

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    zafee – HAHHAHA GOTCHA!!!.. kalo aku letak no phone ko, mesti ramai call ko kan.. huehuehue

  4. zafee says:

    haha mmg tadekla.. sapela aku.. im no body like u..wahaha

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    zafee – ko nak aku letak betul ke ? muehehe.

    buat mereka yg ingin mengenali ezaffie, beliau masih bujang, dan seperti gambar diatas, mampu menjada bapa yang penyayang dan pandai menukar lampin. bekerja sebagai Motion FX editor, beliau juga pandai memasak makanan-makanan varian hot dog. SMS ON EJAPI ke 32223

  6. pedot says:

    oiiiiii patutnya gambo syazwan muka happy jadi intro..aku telah di abuseeee waaa

  7. zafee says:

    ampeh tekong..~_~

  8. syazwan says:

    Muka pedot lagi ada commercial value dari aku, hehe. Mintak royalti dari tekong lepas ni pedot 😀

  9. is says:

    muka syazwan ade seri pengantin pe… wakaka

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    pedot – ko artis
    syazwan – tunggu time je ko nye turn huehue
    is – mana plan kita ni ?

  11. zafee says:

    tekong, konye asal tanampak.. ko gune saiz besar ke..

  12. faiz says:

    waa..style2 aa..konvo kali nih…ehh mana abg jambu fifi..dia tak ikut..:))

  13. Noxus says:

    fifi kereta die ade problem tu yg tak pegi tu 😀

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    noxus – oh la yeke padanla.

  15. zafee says:

    ikhwan nazri – buat2 tatao la pulok..

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