the new macbookpro & the reduced oil price

Reason to change… perhaps


  • RAM = DDR3 1066 MHz
  • 2 Graphic Processor, 9400M and 9600 GT
  • 250GB


  • Mini DisplayPort which is not included. sold separately
  • My Wendy’s Firewire 400 cable will, again, useless because the new MacBook Pro only have Firewire 800
  • need money for trade in. probably 2k. this eruda will be only 5k perhaps

conclusion = next 2 years lah upgrade. haha. visit their website for the new MacBook & MacBook Pro.

On the other hand, petrol price reduced. Hahah. I laugh because of this news below

Fuel price going down friday Tuesday October 14, 2008 MYT 4:57:52 PM
Petrol price reduced Tuesday October 14, 2008 MYT 8:05:27 PM

On the same day, 3 hours in difference. Ain’t it funny?

Just in case you didn’t notice, I tag this post under ‘Funny Stuff’. Some laugh will be appreciated. KTHXBAI!

Oct 2008

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