I’ve been sleepwalking for 5 times ( recorded )

Last saturday and sunday was a day of open house. on sunday, visiting Arifin’s open house, SAMTEN Raya gathering and Wan Sunia’s open house. Oh, there’s a lot of pictures during SAMTEN Raya gathering but inside Hurriyah’s Nikon. Photos later.

Then, as usual during gathering we surely chat about old childhood memories.  I’ve manage to contact again Effi Abd Halim, Mohd Bukhory Firdaus from primary school. Just another rival. I remember the day he gave me Garfield Mug as birthday present. One of my best friend.  just in case u reading my post, i still remember you name till ur grampa names. Mohd Bukhory Firdaus B Abd Mutalib B Idris.

And just now, Ehsan Hanafi B Hasmandin B Che Man ( i’m really good at remembering unimportant things ), just added me in his facebook and told me that during Form 1, I’ve been sleepwalking from Male Hostel Block A till Male Hostel Block B. WTH! To add more, from my dorm till Hostel Block B, I have to go down the stairs for about.. 2 levels. I just cant believe this as i really didn’t remember. But still, lucky me, I didn’t sleepwalk to Female Hostel. If get caught and I’m told to the ustaz/warden that i’ve been sleepwalking, well, I do know my warden, so i think he will reply like this.

“That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard” ( haha like Chuck EP1 Season 2 )

So now, there’s 5 times i’ve recorded that I’ve been sleepwalking.

Here’s the complete list, for my future references. haha.

  1. Form 1, 1998. SAMTEN,  from my dorm, LA5, Block A till Block B. Down the stairs for 2 levels and towards the Block B.
  2. 2005 – Walking to another room. Luckily that chinese guy didn’t get angry.
  3. 2006 – wake up and mumblings about Morning Prayer
  4. 2006 – walk towards watercooler and shower my hands with hot water.
  5. forgot when – random mumblings at home to my mother who wake me up for morning prayer.

I just don’t hope my disorder will end up like this.

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Oct 2008

4 Responses to : I’ve been sleepwalking for 5 times ( recorded )

  1. bantingboy says:

    erk. bahaya woo berjalan dalam tidur..kalau mengigau takpe. Hehe :)

  2. Firdaus says:

    Gari kaki ke katil lain kali. Hehe

    Juga satu petanda suruh kahwin cepat!

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    bantingboy – mengigau ape takpe.. kena kawan record masuk youtube naya..
    firdaus – AMIN! :p

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