RRRaya 2008

This year raya is a bit different for me, and my family. Here the story goes

29Sep – Usually it’s my 1st brother, ikhsan, have to take a bus to went to kedah. But now, it’s my turn to take a trip. I took a Train. A night train. On that day, it was a moon-sight-seeing for Muslim Astronomer to judge when will the Raya is. Either 30 Sept or 1 Oct. I was a it afraid if Raya falls on 30Sept because I’ll arrive at Arau, Perlis on 8.00 am and that means i’m going to celebrate raya at Perlis but lucky me, raya falls on 1 Oct but again, unlucky me, I didn’t bought any food for ‘sahur’ on that morning so i ended up sahur-ing at their kafeteria.


This is the food i ate on 12 midnight and the train stops at Ipoh for 15 minutes like that. At first i thought it was pricey, but a Nasi Briyani for RM 6 is worthy indeed. on 5 am, i decide to eat again but this time, there’s no heavy meal left so i ended ate Maggi Cup for RM3.. now this is pricey. Then, since i bring Eruda, i decide to read the news after sahur.

30sep – arrive at arau, perlis and my parents came to fetch me back to Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah.  I discovered that i can’t use Sabau’s father’s celcom wireless broadband. Called celcom because i expecting that i can use GPRS speed. but again, unlucky me, there’s no packet data support there. they told me to go to bukit kayu hitam. i was at bukit tangga, in my grandparents home. oh they have a fruit orchard btw.

1 oct – it’s raya. Before went for Raya Prayers, decided to take a picture of my family, granparents on my mother side. here goes below


notice that i’m much smaller than my younger brother, and my little sister will be taller than me later since she was just 8 years old right now. then went to bukit kayu hitam mosque. after that, went to relatives house in changlun. and today i learn how to drive the big Isuzu DMax,bit scary because it is manual. oh this is an interesting ‘two birds trap’

We visit 12 homes today. Our family decide to finish off all relatives house in changlun because 2nd october we will went back to Tanjung Karang. Usually we spend for about 4-5 days there but since my grandmother passed away, on my father’s side, we have to went back to help my grandfather taking care of relatives who came to visit. So it’s kind of different raya for us.

2 oct – went back to tanjung karang. Drop by Pekan Rabu, Kedah, buying some chicken and meat floss. I’m driving from Gurun, Kedah to Changkat Jering, Perak. Then, we use a kampung road. Think back again, it’s when raya at Kedah i’ve got to test drive the cars and get different experience. 2006 with Anubis, 2008 with D-Max, 2010, it must be a different cars or at least different experience and for this year, we stuck in traffic jam in 2 bridges, one in Teluk Intan and another one in Sabak Bernam.

3 oct – helping my grandfather with celebrating relatives who came to home. That night, we went back to KL because Faidhi going back to Gopeng, Perak Matrix on the next sunday.

and this ends the post of my raya this year.

Macross Frontier dah abis, now watching Blade of The Immortal.. or is it Blade of The Immoral. hahaha bad jokes.

Oct 2008

8 Responses to : RRRaya 2008

  1. faiz says:

    that i’m much smaller than my younger brother –> takpak pendek tapi berjaya..leh jadik role model kat adik2..kan bagus tuhh.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    faiz – takde lah.. hahah

  3. Nasz says:

    I drive the new Isuzu DMax (manual) oso..sama je cm keta lain.=P

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    nasz – ko dah selalu bawak pikap lain la.. nama je badan kecik, perangai mengalahkan gengster besar har har har

  5. s says:

    ooo drive auto selama ni rupanya..

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    s – aah. yg ni manual ni keter besar. tu cuak tu. takat kancil takde hal lah.

  7. s says:

    ade beza eh keta besar ke kecik??

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    s – ada. seriously ade. kebolehan untuk mencilok tu, kereta kecik lagi agile.

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