Giving duit raya guide – for dummies & Tag from Xua

image3012.jpgThis is my first time giving duit raya for this coming raya. Such a newbie, I do make a mistake here. So i decide to wrote about a guide to give duit raya, for dummies

  1. go to bank early so you got the NEWLY-PRINTED money and Raya envelope for FREE. //I change with the old money !!-__-
  2. Since it’s raya, new clothes and attires, so kids also expect new money.  //i don’t have new clothes seriously. my raya clothes are the same about 2-3-4 years then change.
  3. It’s okay if your NEWLY-Printed money doesn’t have a Raya envelope, but if you’re using old money, a raya envelope is more presentable and appropriate. //and since i go to bank and change with old money, ia have to have envelope.
  4. if the bank ran out of Raya Envelope, go to nearest bookstore or retail store to find Raya Envelope. // i bought 110 envelopes.

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Well that’s it. And yesterday night ( thursday night ), I’m doing a bit of editing job at OldTown Ampang Waterfront. There were these two hyperactive Chinese kids jumping here and there, and the chubbiest one even going too far by pulling my shirts. He was lucky he didn’t pull my mocha over Eruda or I’m going to smack him for good.

Chatting with his mother revealed he was just 2 years old and love to watch cartoons. Realizing I have some minute left while uploading work for my client, I decided to entertain them by watching Pocoyo with them

and it works, the photo is a proof.


They sat silently enjoying Pocoyo, and aren’t they’re soo cute and adorable? Plus see the style. memang takleh blah gaya duduk macam tu. Then their mom told them to say “thanks abang”.. i intend to reply with “xie xie ni” but i forgot that time >_<

This leads me to another question, why the nation, disregard the religion and race, always kept busy with racial issue? In reality, I do see we live in harmony. Why when it was okay, some people like to stir things up?. And they stir it for political purposes…

Think about it. This is, afterall, is What I See Is What You Get :)

Oh Tag from XUA and the title is

5 BARANG² KESAYANGAN YANG TIDAK BOLEH BAWA KETIKA MATI ( 5 Your favorite things that you can’t bring along inside your grave )


  1. My Persocon Deska, Freya and Eruda – Both of them is a computer. Freya is Windows desktop, Eruda is Apple MacBook Pro.
  2. Anne – Nokia N93
  3. Shocky – Casio G-Shock DW-6900. I’ve worn it since Form 5. It never fails me to keep me on time. Well that because i set it 20 minutes ahead and I kept asking “What is the real time right now”
  4. Both of Orbital Frame, Anubis and Jehuty – Jehuty is Honda EX5, and Anubis, for some reason I don’t want to talk about it here :p
  5. My Entertainment Consoles, Phoebe & Piper – PSP

Who I want to tag: No One :p

P/S: Only kids elligible for duit raya. Adults, buzz off :p

Sep 2008

7 Responses to : Giving duit raya guide – for dummies & Tag from Xua

  1. faiz says:

    “5 BARANG² KESAYANGAN YANG TIDAK BOLEH BAWA KETIKA MATI\&quot”ermmm….tekong nanti wasiatkan la hangnya mac book pro ka aku…hehehe.ehh satu lagi kalau tak boleh…psp slim pon okey gak…:D selamat hari raya..berhati-hati direl keretapi.

  2. “Then their mom told them to say “thanks abang”.. i intend to reply with “xie xie ni” but i forgot that time >_<”

    Nasib baik kau lupa. Tidak mesti dia confuse. Sebab dalam mandarin xie xie ni bermaksud Thank you. So bila orang cakap thank you atau xie xie/xie xie ni kita sepatutnya jawab bu ke qi (不客气).


  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    edry – ooo.. wo bu ke qi. hahahha

  4. Tak payah wo (我) @ saya. Sebab bu ke qi secara harfiyah 不 (jangan) 客气 (sopan santun) jadi maksudnya lebih kurang ‘tak perlu sopan santun sangat’. Kalau tambah wo, jadi ‘saya tak perlulah sopan sangat’. Lagi confuse haha. So bu ke qi je.

    Ni dah jadi kelas mandarin ke hapa ni hahaha.

  5. Nasz says:

    P/S: Only kids elligible for duit raya. Adults, buzz off

    ade org kate nk bg duit raya..huhuhu.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    edry – cakap je la ko nak bukak kelas mandarin.. agaga
    nasz – tak bawak tadi. neway, thanks for the kek ‘brownies’ batik :)

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