pera pera peperaaa~!

Yay! There goes my fav series. but seriously, i’m starting to get bored with Heroes. why? because people now can revive easily with claire’s blood.

But I’m looking forward for Chuck. A geek-turn-spy stories has never been bad with geek himself ( which is me, self proclaimed ) .

And pera pera? well, let’s ease your mind with this clip.

i remember my days in beta, i’m watching this anime with Syawal and Sabau my roomate. we just can’t stop laughing. These Japanese animators must be really bad and lazy to pronounce those ‘Engrish’ words.

And this Ramadhan, were too meaningful to me, because i find the meaning of Ramadhan during the previous Iktikaf with Usrah Institution, MMU Cyberjaya last week at Shah Alam Mosque, which i’ll wrote about it later on :)

I hope i still able to live to next Ramadhan.

Sep 2008

3 Responses to : pera pera peperaaa~!

  1. syia says:

    eh..chup2.. ada vidcall ke?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – ade ke? agaga

    fahmishah – meh dtg beraya huheuheu

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