buffet with Isra n MMU Boys

image2802.jpgI’m currently doing montage and sabau doing interactive scoreboard system for Nokia-Siemens Network. We’re working with Tiki and Roze from Ambidextrous Solutions. So pretty busy here but we still have time to treat ( actually pronounced as ‘trick’ ) ourself.

So we start tricking ourself with buffet at Chicken Hartz, Time Square. Participants only to Isra’ members, Syed, Sabau, Edry , Rahmat, Syawal and me, missing in the picture.


The food at Hartz Chicken Buffet has been increased. RM 22 something if i’m not mistaken. last year the price was.. RM17.90 and yet the ice-cream machined are faulty. So miss the dessert there.

Then the next day, Friday, went to Marche, The Curve for boys buka puasa.

Last year we also break-fasting together at Alamanda. So I went to the curve, a bit late. there are the lescopaque boys, faiz odettz, ehsan, dzubir dyst-of-eva, fuad, then adam, wan afifi, noxus, muaiz, ex-lescopaque = syazwan, ezaffie, iskandar. there were 3 person that i didn’t manage to get to know with since the seat are very far. noxus colleagues i think. and then there were Shikin, Aliya, and Ida ( a.k.a Fizi in upin ipin ) and our DM junior if i’m not mstaken.

this is the first time at Marche, but the food were so delicious. afterall you pay for buffet, onl RM50.

so food snapshots :p


my first plate: so there was garlic butter mussels, prawns,  salmon?, marsh potato and the lamb hotdog. inside the hotdog, there was melting cheesethat will savour your apetite.

then the second plate, pics corrupted but as far as i remembered was steak, chicken wings, a slice of pepperoni pizza and super supreme-alike pizza, garlic bread.

the third round is penne carbonara.


this is where the fault. have to ask for half of the plate. because with just this plate, i’m totally full. ahaha. before i forget, at marche, you will see the food being prepared in front of your eyes. so i took a picture of the chef who prepared this penne,


with all this setup at Marche, it must be very expensive to eat during normal days. I think i’m looking forward to have another buffet there. maybe next year or this year. hahaha.  this buffet cost you RM50 and i think it’s a great deal. eat as much as you want.

and this is us when paying the bills,


from left – ehsan, muaiz, aliya kat celah, syazwan, me, shikin, ida, fuad, iskandar, ezaffi, wan afifi and noxus. photo taken by adam.

back to work on sunny sunday.

ps: catzer/syia/iwani/refa/tokwan/emi/ yang kaki makan.. belanja aku kat marche pls :p jgn salah faham, nama lelaki jarang ade sbb.. lelaki generally banyak makan. huahauhaua.

Sep 2008
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10 Responses to : buffet with Isra n MMU Boys

  1. ehsanazhar says:

    aku sangat cool sampai jadi blur.

  2. zafee says:

    sempat gak tangkap gambar ye hehe

  3. emi says:

    Emi… u refering to me ke??? Yeah.. the food looks temptingg.. I can blanja u half price laa.. hahah.. jom!.. joM!!!

  4. waniee says:

    arghhh!! menci nye aku!!

    bad move dtg blog ko ni kol 2.20pm!!!!!

    sdapnyeeeeeeeee marcheeee…. meleleleleleh air liur!!!!!

    aku rase kalo normal days sure mahal nih.. dieorg gune coupon system kan tak silap aku…

    ko nak aku belanje bole momochi tapi kene la bwk aku gi sane..nak arap rapidkl time buln pose ni…kebulorr nnt!!

  5. fLux says:

    Haha ape la tekong ni! Dah buat emi teliur.. dia siap forward this page to me xD tapi seriously nampak sedap…hmmm

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    ehsan – kau memang certified kool. tp my kungfu still the best
    zafee – tula.. makanan tangkap.. gambar orang tak.. hahahah
    emi – emi yg banyak makan dlm kamus aku.. ko je hahaha
    wanie – mak aih bawak ko.. ko dari puchong kan ? waweee sudah ade orang mau banjerrr ( nanti aku konfemkan 😀 – bab makan suka )
    flux – aik ape salah aku lak.. salah emi la fowed. nak gak la tu :p

  7. ejon says:

    ah.. silap time aku baca entry ni tgh2 hari.. haha

  8. syia says:

    kweng..kweng.. aiyok.. ye ke laki kuat makan?? berape kali ni isi pinggan?? kuih muih x de ke?

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    ejon – jgn dikorek periuk ditengahari sudah
    syia – rasa 6 kali kot.. kuih muih tak amek.. tak heran .. hahah

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