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image0002.jpgit’s been 5 days i didn’t have any updates.

Monday – forget what i did

tuesday – also forget what i did

wednesday – receive a call from Mr Gana telling me that i’m shortlisted for MSC Apicta. yay. the presentation on friday. not so yay.

thursday – went to klcc for just 1 minutes and heading to sabau’s home to work on the presentation. that night i barely can’t sleep. think too much.

friday – went to business meeting on a very morning. was invited by Evelyn Samuel, i met her during Entrepreneurs meeting at pavillion. i was informed that this meeting was highly exclusive, it’s not public, only by invitation. i went there and got pretty shocked. all people are very different from my industry. talks about a large scale business. property realtors, auction, event management, law firm and more. they talks millions. and i came with red eyes facing the hard sleepless night. it’s not i’m working overnight.. but i just can’t sleep. and that day.. i speeding inside kl like hell. from KL to TTDI, for just 25 minutes. then, after the meeting, went to klcc to take the picture and then having my mobile office inside Anubis, i’m preparing for msc apicta.

and during the msc-apicta presentation,  all the competitiors were ultimately presentable. proper cd cover, nice slides with powerpoint. me? i want to do a keynote but they insist a powerpoint so there you go, a slides with white background with company branding as footer and just a plastic cd cover with my name card, but, with a coat and a nice attire. thats a plus :p


and yesterday i think i just had a nice ride of life. in a car, in a morning meeting, in a presentation. the judging session were fun. they ask a lot about M-Travelogue Shopping Mall: Suria KLCC Unofficial Guide and i really enjoy entertaining them. the results will be out in a month. hope i could win.

i need some luck so send me some ya. thx in advance :)

Sep 2008

5 Responses to : a weekly updates

  1. shizukana says:

    hey..gudluck then..heheh

  2. nasz says:

    InsyaAllah ade rezeki utk ko..hehehe, kalo menang..jgn lupe banje ek..?heeee

  3. syia says:

    aik..tekong tu pic latest ke? apsal cam tembam?

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    shizukana – thanks
    nasz – aminnn.. banje.. banje sate je ar ar ar.
    syia – aah latest.. tembam ke? kata bulan puasa.. hahaha

  5. Sorry, but I have found more interesting posts on the yawn.com blog!

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