Meet Wendy, she so sexy.

image2442.jpglast week, i manage to eat at wendy’s. the burger was so delicious. ate wendy’s at ioi puchong. the burger was prepared on the spot and for the size comparison, if you’re eating medium size wendy’s, it is comparable to mcdonald’s large size meal. i ate quarter beef +additional cheese. that potato was.. just okay i think. the french fries was fattening. bigger and chunkier fries. there’s a dishes called Chili but, next time perhaps.

but then, this is not the wendy that is sexy, because it was a food, not a thing. the girl who works at wendy’s also not sexy, but what i mean sexy is this….


meet Wendy, my new gadget. huahuahau. here she is, Wendy, Western Digital My Passport Studio 250GB.a bit pricey because it was built for Mac. and i think i just realized that the normal hard disk also can be a mac hard-disk, as long as it is formatted HFS MAC Journaled. but this is just hypothesis. not pretty sure bout it.


but the key features that i like is i can use firewire and also apple time machine. hohoho. using firewire, i save another two usb. with time machine, i can access my backup easily. great. and since it’s passport portable, so it fits perfectly in my bag.

and it comes with a pouch ( oh i do love pouch so much ), firewire cable and usb cable. wendy comes in an aluminium cover which is great for heat dissipation

so wendy, welcome to the family.  oh i forgot my backpack doesn’t have a name.. hmm

that’s it. her name is Golly. ^_^ oh well, my birthday in islamic date are just around the corner, you might want to check my wishlist and give me the item that i still didn’t have it. pretty please.

oh. 26 august. the election. let’s wait and see.

Aug 2008
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10 Responses to : Meet Wendy, she so sexy.

  1. syia says:

    uwaaa..dh beli erk? heheh for now syia pkai amazon S3 dulu la :)

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – dahh. jangan jeles.

  3. oDiN says:

    Wekk .. aku ada yg 500 Gb .. wekk

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – 500gb tu besar. gemuk. GEMUK. ( haha aku pun gemuk )

  5. Bat says:

    Aku ada versi 120gig warna hitam. Tapi kenapa aku tak dapat beg macam yang hang dapat? Ini tidak adil. Arghh…huhu

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    bat – hang punya memang takda. studio series je ada pouch. aku beli kat All IT siap suruh salesman tu bawak turun semua WD passport utk comparison. last-last lepas compare.. aku gi carik network cable ngan M2 Adaptor..

    bila aku patah balik dah buat keputusan.. salesgirl tengah jaga.. aku terus mintak passport Studio dan salesman tadi menjeling tensen.. mesti dlm hati dia “cis beli kat perempuan.. tadi ngan aku tanak beli”

    kui kui kui. kalo dia baca ni.. sorriiii

  7. medea says:

    waaa sedap
    ops puasa pule

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    medea – meh la bebuka harinih wendy muehehe

  9. salesman yg tensen says:

    nape tanak beli dari aku? sebb aku jantan ke?

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    salesman yg tensen – tak nampak pun ko :p

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