life’s little irony

let me start the irony with money

i get the money, kind a lot. save also, a lot. and ironically, spend a lot.

me and sabau always face this thing last time. when we get the money from our sponsor, two things will happen. our pc will show it’s own problem and then require a new fix/upgrade. i never fail to upgrade my pc when the money came in, not because it’s my habit to upgrade, but there’s problem with the pc which NEED it to upgrade a bit. i didnt mean upgrade 1k-2k, i just mean like upgrade harddisk for this trimester, next trimester have to upgrade graphic card, next trimester have to upgrade power supply and so on.

yesterday i receive the paycheck from client. know what? i lost my motorcycle key. not jehuty, but my father’s motorcycle. it’s just modenas kriss. IRONICALLY, the amount of the paycheck received is enough to buy a new motorcycle.


i can’t help so stress came in my head, to add more, yesterday i was travelling from KL -> Cyber -> KL again using ERL. since i’m still unwell, i took ERL. came into the office for just less than 1 hour and realize the key was gone. i check the office, satisfied, then going back again to KL with high level of tense. called sabau to secure my motorcycle because the key with roadtax, so people can easily steal the motorcycle.

then i arrive and see the motorcycle still there. called my parents and told the situation. they told me to do a police report. i didn’t hate police but i do hate reporting.  especially when you report and they start lecturing.. bla bla bla.. i do resist to do a police report and told my parents to wait 2 days then make police report because i already make a report to ERL.

then i bought another padlock to ensure if someone finds the key, he/she didn’t able to steal it. because they didnt have that padlock key. after that, doing my evening prayers there and proceed to police hut ( pondok polis ), to do the thing i hate the most. the report.

wait for around 10 minutes. no one’s there. then there’s someone. so i met her and tell my story. then she ask

policewomen: motorcycle right? what plate number
me: – – -[ numbers ]
policewomen: here you go, please take good care of your item after this
me: thank God. thank you so much

then i told my parents. of course, another lecture :p the second hate to do a police report, yet find the key when i did.

but then think again, that person who return the key to the police hut was kind enough. he/she can steal the motorcycle if they want. because it’s already have all the lock, the roadtax, even with the plate number stated on the road tax. but then, they didn’t.

looks like malaysia, maybe still a safe country perhaps. i pray that whoever returns this key, will have a peaceful and blissful life.

Aug 2008

5 Responses to : life’s little irony

  1. syia says:

    wOoO.. aiyok selamat x ilang :) mungkin sebab bulan merdeka kut dorg x curi..smue jd baik2

  2. Firdaus says:

    Woho, rezeki ko memang baik. Jaga kesihatan & keselamatan diri! Kerja sendiri takleh MC selalu. 😛

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – silap.. sebab nak bulan puasa kot kekeke.
    firdaus – alhamdulillah. aku tapena amek MC woo… sbb mc ikut suka aku.. hahahahha

  4. Edry says:

    WOW cerita ni boleh buat movie. Mesti jadi macam cerita Stephen King yang pasal kucing. Yang isra’ melekat kat kedai mamak satu jam setengah just sebab terpukau dengan cerita tu. Tak sure ko ada ke tak, yang pasti Sabau sure ingat hahahaha.

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    edry – ko buat la.. pastu kita carik la memana kucing ke takpun amek hamster ko cameo dlm muvi ni

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