Essential tools and tips for freelancer’s on the go

if you’ve been following my twitter or my YM status, you’ll discover that i always said ‘Mobile Office’. Today, it’s the 18th.

I do have office, but it’s there on a far far away in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Going mobile is our solution, although here in Malaysia, it’s not the trend. People even ask “You didn’t have an office?”. Come on dude, be free. Be totally free. So here are the essential tools and also, tips if you’re planning to go mobile.



so here i have is my laptop bag and handphone. I’m using Golla Backpack, which is nice when walking, but a pain when riding a motorcycle with it. Because, it doesn’t have a back-rest padding. It has 3 compartments but before i proceed with compartments, why Anne, my handphone was there?


Handphone nowadays is just another essential tool. but i include in this picture because my phone, Nokia N93, capable to scan any wifi hotspots. some cafes and restaurants do have that notice ‘ WIFI Free’ or something like that, but with Anne, apart to check whether the wifi around are secured or not, i can also check my emails quickly. with this handphone also i don ‘t need to switch on laptop or switch on Wifi catcher and so on thingymajig.


So this is the first compartment in the backpack. oh i didn’t put the power adapter in this picture so sometimes, it’s pretty messy inside this compartment. so the stuff inside the first compartment is the thing below


So i got Apple VGA Adapter, Kensington Lock, Sharpie Marker, Tissue, Eye Mo Moist, Lanyard, a CD and DVD.

Apple VGA Adapter = as wherever you go, there’s a little potential that you’ve to did a presentation. that’s why i always bring it.

Kensington Lock = your bestfriend when you’re alone. Always and always lock your laptop if you’re going to leave it unattended. even at the client office. better safe than sorry.

Sharpie Marker = a lot of things you can do with a pen, pencil, or marker.

Tissue = apart from normal usage, if you ran out of paper, you can draw on tissue anyway. = Cikjee’s idea, my lecturer.

Eye Mo Moist = reduce eye strains. use eye mo moist.

Lanyard = sometimes you went to conference or so and want to show your fanboyism towards branding on the lanyard. in my case, i bring that i got from Giorgio Natilli during last year Flash Lite Classes.

CD & DVD = your clients might want their files while you’re away from your office. rather than buying from nearest stationery shop, you might want to bring just one or two from your stock.


So this is the second compartment. unlike the first, the second compartment doesn’t have any section. so this is the thing i put inside the second compartment.


So here what i have is.. chop, pos express letter + envelope, a book, a kain sarong/pelikat, a name card holder, sketchbook and a clear holder.

Stamp Chop: you might suddenly have to send/fax your receipt/quotation/invoice so i always bring this. if only there’s a portable A4 printer, i already bought and bring it lol.

Post express letter + envelope = actually, i just receive this pos express, but then, i also bring an envelope to use if there clients wants recipt. the envelope will make it presentable.

Book ( Anif Sirsaeba: Berani Kaya Berani Takwa ) = just in case i need to get off from online world, this book accompanies me. still didn’t finish reading it. It’s up to you what books you want to bring anyway.

Kain sarong = hoho love this. this is for me to use when pray. if my trousers get dirty, i can use this.and if there’s no praying room inside the client’s office, just ask for a empty room/ place you can pray and so this kain can be your praying mat.

Name card holder = this thing pretty heavy actually. but i just don’t want to lose my handful of contacts.

Sketchbook = just another best friend. not a friend when it’s full of scribbles.

That clear holder = that is my company profile. when you have to search for a file inside your computer, give your client your company profile for them to read around with. this will distract them and also, promoting your services to them.


This is the small compartment. at first, kinda clueless how to utilize this compartment. but now im using it to put this


so a namecard wallet, cleaning cloth, earphone, and the mouse, Slueky.

Namecard wallet = as i carry my laptop around, so the namecards also around.

cleaning cloth = in the times where your laptop screen need it.

earphone = music helps my productivty when working. but please have courtesy towards other people, they have their ears also. that’s why i’m using earphone, just in case i play it again and again and again.

Bluetooth mouse =  when i need more precision the trackpad can’t offer. however, using bluetooth mouse does free my laptop from using another usb socket, but then it drains out the battery.

and the last compartment, is here,


the laptop compartment alongside this mousepad


since i care about my little tiny lovely gadgets, therefore this mousepad is a must :p

so tips about mobile office

  • there’s one thing more, if you really love to go fully mobile, just go get a wireless broadband.
  • be aware of your surroundings
  • be aware of the power remaining for your laptop
  • bring water for you to drink
  • if you still didn’t have a laptop, buy a lighter one. heavy laptop wears u out.
  • for muslims, find a place where you can pray. mamak also got surau.
  • always and always, check the place you sit before you leave. it’s be a painful thing if you leave your things behind and it’s gone.
  • make a short list of places with Wifi, the fastest, the easiest, and so on.
  • and remember to enjoy your surroundings. cause if not, you wouldn’t enjoy working mobile :)

hope this helps for you who are going mobile. ( Golla should pay me because i receive question about their bags haha )

Aug 2008
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16 Responses to : Essential tools and tips for freelancer’s on the go

  1. oDiN says:

    remember to usha chicks at old town white cofee at waterfront ampang

  2. syia says:

    berape kilo beg tu erk?

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – tengok je bole.. kekeke
    syia – er termasuk laptop. 2 kilo kot. mac ringan :p

  4. emi says:

    kalo laa aku pencuri.. aku tau comparment mane nak curi barang mane… hahah

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    emi – cam haram. aku carik ko dulu kalo hilang satu persatu.

  6. myadlan says:

    wow. kewl.
    freelancer on the go.
    huhu.. bila la aku nk ada laptop sendiri ni..
    agak2 kalo pakai laptop mini tu bleh ke? malas bwk brg berat2..haha

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    myadlan – kan ke ko wat design ape smer. kalo laptop mini laptop mana yang ko maksudkan ? sbb laptop mini tak power. kalo nak power pun amek XPS. kecik tp still powerful

  8. nadiah says:

    omg, jeles aku tgk beg kau, macam2 ade. hehe

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    nadiah – tu belum tunjuk lagi makanan2 rapu hahah

  10. marina musfirah says:

    mmm… bag itu. setiap kali ke digitalmall.. setiap kali itu jugakla akan terjatuh cinta ke greeny golla. cute sgt3. tpi tak terbeli2.. yaiy.

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    marina – beli je.. berape kat digitalmall?? All IT lowyat 190 camtu tak silap. beli je murah ekeke. kalo beli leh join Golla Usergroup Malaysia. ( sejak bila ade usergroup untuk bag :p )

  12. marina musfirah says:

    cute. hahaha.. harga camtu jugak kut. tak ingatla pulak harganya. haritu.. sy da betul2 nak beli taw. sadenli bila sy da belek2 beriya, kawan sy ckp \"jgn membzir.. kompute awak muat je pun kat knapsack tu kan..(sambil merujuk kepada knapsack kat dalam locker)\" sedey ja.. [awak buatla usergroup tu.. karang boleh share untuk upgrade kondisi bag.. hehe]. eh, pasal DFP tu.. awak kna cuba masuk. sronok. apesal je tableh pi sorg2. bukannya awak nak kna nyembang dalam tu. tapi.. mm.. sajesyen.. kalo nak p, awak cek kat amazaon dulu musicnya best ke tak. kawan sy ckp.. light classic&age of elegance best. tapi legacy&odyssey boleh buat kepala jadi pening[saya.. sume pun oke].hehe.. so.. enjoy!!

  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    marina – haha sadenli.. mmg takle blah.. mm pasal DFP.. 20 saat gak la memikir amende nasib baik ingat. kalo sorang mcm… nnt nak citer pun takbes hahah.

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  15. P1 Elsio says:

    This is actually a good website post, I’ve learnt a lot.

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