I’m getting older.

this story happens last week on wednesday night and thursday morning.

last week’s wednesday, i came home pretty late with things stuffed about projects. upon arriving at my home, i saw a pile of papers that need to be circulated in my residence. my residence called kampung tengah in ampang. kampung = village. my father is a village secretary so it’s been a job for us, me and my brother, to send the papers to all resident in the village.

again when i was a pile of that papers, i said “okay who will be distributing this papers ?” took a hot shower and then fall asleep.

and i dream of my mom asking me to distribute those papers and paste the paper on THE TOILET DOOR OF EACH HOUSE. i was. WT… and even said in a hard voice that i have to work this morning with sabau and then going here and there and bla bla bla.

and i wake up for dawn prayer, and freak out of the dream. why? because i just like screaming to my mom and in Islam, you can’t say a harsh words towards your parents. so i rush to the living room where the pile of paper was there tonight, and it was gone,

so did i really become angry towards my mom and she ask my younger brother to do it?

my mom laugh when i told her this story during breakfast. she was telling that I’m just getting older since realizing the task that always i did and planned about it beforehand.but the fact that i have to paste the paper on the toilet door of each house is most hilarious. just like P Ramlee movie.

getting old means getting serious, and i’m not good at getting serious…. yet

Aug 2008

5 Responses to : I’m getting older.

  1. syia says:

    sampai bawak ke mimpi tu.. heheh

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – haha tula pasal

  3. realm says:

    Pasting on the toilet door is good strategy though, makes sure EVERYONE reads the paper wohaha :)) See even in dreams you can come up with effective solutions XD

  4. waNN says:

    u know what..ths is the sign dude….u’re going to dead…for real..

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    realm – haha. i shud come with more less idealistic idae. coz sleeping ma. shouldn’t bring any stress to the dreams
    wann – paleotak.. hahah

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