on weekly basis, one day in a week, i have to come to mmu to do company update. so i decide for this week, i’ll be here on monday, the same day with fcm convocation day.

many people snap my picture, still waiting but i just upload the cheerful faces who graduates,


ngan syawal ( aku rasa kurus :p )


ngan syed huzaifah


ngan xua, ajis, syawal, anaih, ngan kai yg makin kurus. beliau telah membuktikan walaupun tua tapi masih belum terlambat untuk menguruskan badan


ngan keoi, syawal, edry, kamz, dan ruby cuby.

i already graduate last year.  but then i realize i have less picture. why ? coz that time, didnt have any cameras.


then that evening, having a teatime at Jco Donuts and Coffee, sunway. if you still didn’t taste it, you’re missing one thing in earth hahah. such a calm evening to have a doughnut, just to know the noseblock getting worst.the greentea was… tak rasa apa.lucky there’s a sugar syrup to add in but barely helps.

and today, the noseblock even getting worst. the flu really made my day miserable for unable to breathe. sometimes when sneezing, it turns out to be ‘earblock’ . so decide for a change, asking for advice what should i eat in my twitter. so WoNoJo suggest me to eat tomyam. following his advice and dietician advice, i went for a tomyam/anything soup-based cuisine hunt.

on my way, i found this car so decide to give WoNoJo a small gift. haha. no this is not my car.


and ordered this food from one restaurant at dengkil


sup ayam, telur dadar, kangkung, udang goreng tepung. i don’t think this is the diet to heal people LOL.

then on my way back, there’s many rempits rempiting around. when i reach mmu, just realize there’s a fireworks festival at putrajaya.  next week perhaps, when i’m better.

and during days when i felt sick, i always stressing out by myself. because to think that what happen if im sick and left this world..

  1. i don’t think i have enough good deeds. heaven or hell? no one can give answer of course.
  2. who to continue al-quran psp?, the raise project that being suspended before i stabilize my first job.
  3. what will happen to flavert?
  4. what will happen to my unfinished business, current projects? currently running 2.
  5. how will my family, brother and sister, relatives will react ?
  6. can my family pay my debts if any?
  7. how will the friends and person who are very dear to me will felt?
  8. will the muslim improvise themselves to be a better person. better person in my dictionary means being useful towards all people without any barrier in race or religion? not just helping people who are in the same league, but to extend the hospitality by all needs to the people who need it.
  9. and all the world issues to think of

this is one kind to see and improve yourself. but this is too much. i shall sleep before i black out again and stress. even a PC will hang if load to many programs ( but not MAC :p )

Aug 2008

6 Responses to : haaachommmm!

  1. syia says:

    pergh…jco donuts./.nYuM.. NYUm..mamam byk2 mau sakit tekak

  2. Edry says:

    Aku pun sama la jugak tak bawak camera. Nasib baik camera hp Kam power sikit dari aku nyer. Nak harap camera hp aku, gambar buruk haha.

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – da sakit tekak daaa
    edry – mmg nasib ko nasib badan kekeke

  4. oDiN says:

    apa akan jadi pada flavert ?
    takpe .. aku ada .. walaupun aku xleyh harap .. huhu

  5. Firdaus says:

    Huhu, Flavert company kena ambik insurans untuk cover kalo apa2 jadi kat kau.

    Kau memang nampak lagi kurus a. Kau menguruskan projek ke menguruskan diri? =P

    Tekong, aku susah nak baca a security code komen ko ni. Kontras dia very bad.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku menguruskan diri.. opsss… pasal kontras die.. kenkadang aku sendiri pun kena refresh.. haih

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