of the Helvetica and my new works.

so people watching beijing opening, i watch Helvetica. among the things i’ve got

  1. doctors fight for disease. designers fight for ugliness that exist and turn into beautiful masterpiece.
  2. the name helvetica actually from helvetia, latin name for switzerland. but since you can’t named a font after a country, the creator just popped up this name ‘helvetica’
  3. the font was perfectly balanced.

after that, i kinda appreciate what the font creator has done. i also have to choose fonts before designing. font’s is an expression. it’s not just a font. this is a must watch to everyone perhaps. Thanks to kamal fariz for introducing the next title produced by Helvetica’s director, Objectified.

next is the updates of my works.

TV Web DBP Montage from tekong on Vimeo.

Did this for Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. i’ve created the ideation and also the execution of this montage that was done in After Effects. still learning though. Collaborate with Jazmi Izwan fro Dotiro. He’s doing the sound design for the montage. Amazing guy. I’ve did the montage first, then i just gave the montage to jazmi and said, ‘I need a local-culture+techno sound for this montage. you please make it happen’. and this is the output. the client like it. indeed have a classic-local+culture theme.


Maggi Cukup Rasa Campaign – Hulk ( Director’s Cut ) from tekong on Vimeo.

and this is next, for Maggi Cukup Rasa Campaign Hulk. Did this for Advertising Agency, Seers Partnership. they provide the graphic and storyboard, so i just did the flash animation. another collaboration with Jazmi Izwan fro Dotiro. as for this, i’m unable to give the animation due to tight deadline. but then i could say the audio he delivered was quite interesting.

and thanks to syia for introducing me vimeo. impressive quality plus downloadable videos. been a while until the recent barcamp event that made me join vimeo and start uploading clips.

and today, i adding another experience by driving for 400KM on a single day. driving on the day was fun because you can do sight seeing, although not much things you can see in highway. i prefer to drive at federal road. but then i’m alone so i’m not ready for that. last time went to Najlaa’s brother wedding ceremony at teluk intan. driving with Chao and her boyfriend. that is the farthest on federal road.

didn’t i tell you i love traveling ?

oh dear flash users, come join this our own Malaysia Flash User Group. Looking forward to see you there.

Happy convocation day to MMU students!

Aug 2008

2 Responses to : of the Helvetica and my new works.

  1. syia says:

    awk buat la show tiap2 minggu hehe taruk kat vimeo.. tp jgn show makan2 lak

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    syia – video cam takde la. syia sponsor la.

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