Macross Fufonfia

This is something hilarious. I’ve been watching Macross Frontier and today i was checking out Animesuki for the releases. but then,

“Macross Fufonfia??”

Curiosity will kill the cat, so i download the video. Watch the video here.

Macross Fufonfia 1

Macross Fufonfia 2

L > R : Ranka-chan, Grace, Sheryl, Bobby ( looks like Zufar don’t you agree? ), and Nanase.

Taken from Animesuki forum =  Macross Fufonfia is a series of flash based 90 second shorts where characters from Macross Frontier are portrayed as Office Ladies working at the Frontier software company. While not exactly standard anime, more a sort of paper cut-out animation, these ONA (Original Net Animation) shorts are a fun spoof of the original.

Talk about animation, my cut-off-comic animation works have been uploaded. clicky here. It’s a game for Hikayat Syah Mardan – Barongan where i’m the animator and sabau was the game programmer. the game is finished but still not uploaded. but enjoy my montage yah. for Barongan. a bit below.

My useful photo-memory just remembered something useless. and it pains in my head. T-T

Jul 2008

2 Responses to : Macross Fufonfia

  1. syia says:

    aik.. sakit pale pun boleh x ingat ke awk??

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    bukan sakit kepala lah.. gaga

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