image2152.jpgahaha i was on the beach with eruda on last tuesday. it’s a windy evening at telok cempedak. first time being there. Got client at Kuantan. Another achievement unlocked, which is driving 600KM in one day. Anubis ate RM150 for the petrol. on my way back, i was at R&R Temerloh and spend 30 minutes to watch debate Dato Anwar Vs Dato Shabery. Well you can see which one is tongue-twisted and not answering the question with facts and figures and the other one, which is very experienced and also smart, answering each question sharply.

so going back from temerloh after 10PM. driving at slow speed because speeding will spend a lot of petrol. 80-90KM/H was okay la. the east-coast highway was pretty enjoyable. the sight indeed are very different from PLUS. more mountains and hills. and the sunnyday just made a pocketful of sunshine scenery.

my mum asked how much the price of the food in kuantan. i said, for bihun sup, RM3.30. her response was that food just supposed to be around 2.50-3.00 in that area. but, of course, price increase because of ‘global situation’ ( please apply sarcasm ) well what to do.

That’s it. A very busy week indeed. 2 meetings today, and not gonna use Anubis. Alhamdulillah things got even better. murah rezeki tempias orang kahwin hehe.

buzzing off.

Jul 2008

8 Responses to : 600KM!

  1. Firdaus™ says:

    ko dah pakai mac book air ek…nih yg aku jeles…huh! meh satu…kekeke….oit, bila mau turun makan satay kajang?

  2. Fahmishah says:

    ko pg ngan sape? berdua yee??

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – macbookpro la. bila ko mau open table??
    fahmishah – sensorang la.. kalo berdua, mesti ko tau sbb ngan kakak ko kan.. kekeke

  4. sarawak says:

    poyo je gambo dgn eruda kot tuh.

  5. Firdaus™ says:

    ko la open table dulu, pastu baru aku…baru best…ekeke…nak naik kete baru…hehe

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    apekah kete baru. kete lama la. ops

  7. Firdaus™ says:

    aku nk beli mac book pro tu…bape rege ek? mana rasenye bleh dpat rege yg best…kat lowyat ke?

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – 7K. setahu aku, laptop apple smer sama harga. cume ko kena tengok kedai mana yg offer promotion baik punya

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