what i’ve did

10 July – Attending Adobe Masters Tour Malaysia at KL Tower. Full detail about the event here AND ALSO SCREENSHOT FLASH CS4!!. The masters are freaking awesome!

dsc0155633.jpg11 July – having a business presentation at MMU Cyberjaya, also presenting to Japanese delegation, using Keynote for the first time and it feels great.later on that night, attending Industry Preview of Film Animation Showcase at KL Tower again at the same deck and hall yesterday. ahah. Thanks to Molek Kasa Balili for reserving my seats. sat with Dotiro Studio. Oho and saw Mr Hilmy and Mr Ahmad Azlan that I previously met just on the same morning during business presentation at MMU Cyberjaya.Met with Ronal, Linda, Acap, Din Brigak! and Nasfi, Zubir that now in lescopaque. Acap & Din now running a production/animation house namely Visual-Plex. visit his website here.

oh yes here is, BRIGAK! a.k.a busted a.k.a kantoi

image2084.jpg12 July – attending Play-Beyond.NET + Games Monster gathering at Midvalley Megamall. Bought Durian Bantal and taste a bit bland like Secret Recipe Durian Cake. Bought Biskut Heong Peah that was featured in Syafiq Tolanic Blog and it was delicious. Oh I put the biscuit in microwave and it taste even better. oh yes Selamat pengantin baru Udeng + Lideng ( Maresmart 01/02 )

13 July – Navigating just 3 cars to sabau wedding today. list of attendees are syida, fatin,Flavert Graphic Designer a.k.a getGorgeous Designer & photographer = Allia,  taka, rina, rizal, jofitri, zufar and zaini. Met also syazwan, noxus, muaiz and ezaffie from Zaphiro-FX, iskandar, Flavert Art Director = Paie Gurun that came all the way from Gurun, Kedah, and also our soon-to-be programmer, Odin that came all the way from Klang and overslept. ahahha. Saw Maresmartian also namely Ashraf ( Class 10 ) that now a Pilot, Rahayu, and another girl, seems familiar. Acap & Din came a bit late when i was leaving. agaga. Picture later on perhaps.

I shall sleep now. another presentation awaits. gugu.

Jul 2008

6 Responses to : what i’ve did

  1. syia says:

    biskut apa tu??? beli dkt mana??

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    ni bukan biskut la.. ni desserts. Durian Bantal/Durian Pancake.. bli kat midvalley. 6 ketul 10 hinggit mmg overpriced. agaga

  3. huhu..tau pon biskut tu sedap..tapi sedap lagi kalau panas kan kat oven than microwave 😀

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    mmg aku panaskan dlm microwve. 30 saat and then, it was very delicious. maltosa dia cairrr

  5. faiz says:

    wow….ada screen shot flash CS4…tekong..depa ada tunjuk tool2 baru tak untuk animation mcm kinetik tools.

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    faiz – depa tak tunjuk punn huhu

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