Barcamp Malaysia – Day 2

coming up pretty early on barcamp malaysia – day 2. start the day by attending Silverlight Talk by Kok Chian. Never knew there was Silverlight 2. but then, more surprisingly, there will be silverlight mobile. Right now it’s works only in Windows Mobile. they’re working on Silverlight for Nokia. the advantage of silverlight is, i think, they able to do menu, component using drag and drop interaction. in flash, we have to make it ourselves, hard-coded, but there always component and sample files shared by the gurus. well, let’s just wait silverlight for phone.

after that, attending the journey of microchip startup by vyasa kandasamy. he start a company with no idea how to run it. like an idiots. ( he said that ). but what inspire me is he never stops to learn. and even the company winds up, he still kicking. in business, there’s no rejection of a proposal. it’s more like u reaching a closed door that will lead to another door. he just have 3 slides. haha. he also insist that you can’t work alone. you have to have a team. what the venture capitalist (VC)/big bosses will see in you is how much return that you can bring to their investment. it’s already enough for them if you can promise 5-10times of return. the VC also would want to see, how charismatic and how reliable you are to run a company. if they saw it the other way around, you might end up locking up in their office, doing the job that at first you taught it will benefit you, but later on it will just benefit the boss, oh, for more lower price.

imagine that if you’re not so serious, not presentable. they simply take u work. another thing is The Elevator Pitch, in less than 1 minute, do whatever thing that might secure the deal before the elevator door opens and the vc walks and there you go, you’re potential clients or customer goes. 1 minute dude.

then comes my talk. for some reason, i think i was pretty shaking. i really was. but thank god i think i made it through. peoples are happy and understand my slides. i didn’t show any single view of Flash Timeline because i know, this is not the developers meetups. it’s BarCamp Malaysia!. place to sharing ideas and if the audience not a developer, show them another thing instead.

here are my slides and my video recorded by odin. Thanks to Anne and Fiona from Adobe for supplying Adobe Acrobat notebooks that i gave during my talk.

An hour about Flash lite at Barcamp Malaysia from tekong on Vimeo.

next, having a gracious scrumptious subway sandwiches. my fourth subway. love it. after that announcement was made for Nokia Communicator. CherylGoh owns it.

after lunch, attending lightning talks. this is the super crazy talks. all people are given time to gave talk. you can talk anything. ANYTHING. Arzumy talks even using geeks. someone talks about freeculture. Ariff Azraii talks about his latest projects. mean you, he only 16 and know so much about Django, Instructables and really, i miss out many things indeed. the barcampers are really sharing their experiences.

then, the day ended, and there will be barcamp penang, melaka and jb. maybe i go to penang and jb. well maybe.

KUDOS BARCAMP MALAYSIA! oh please where’s my picture????

Jul 2008
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Barcamp Malaysia – Day 1

oh dont forget tomorrow, you’re invited to my talk, my first second, erm, my self-challenge wahaha


click the link for more details, and you still can be there tomorrow ya.

and today, the Barcamp Malaysia have been turning to something like TED. wohoooo.

i miss out the morning session, planned to listen to Google Android. haih. so i listen to Music 2.0 talk from nazroll. The talk was breath-taking, because it’s about marketing strategy of industry music. taking radiohead as an example, radiohead didn’t use any brand records or labels to stay with. they market the music by themselves. sell the songs but not at fixed price. it’s up to their fans how much they pay for the song. let me rephrase this back. “its up to their fans how much the VALUE of the song”. then, radiohead still get the money but most of the money came i from the concert, the tour, book album, merchandising and so on that they did it on their own, not relying on labels. the concept is

create > interact > share > grow

indeed i learn so much in this session. kudos to mr nazroll

next, move on to Monetizing Youtube by Mr Roni from Ureka Labs. something, again, interesting. I’ve saw that technology during last year MDEC IPCC Competition ’07 during Mobile Interactive Content Pitching Session at Hotel Crowne Plaza. last time, the application was pretty, complex, and using the name Augmented Technology ( if i’m not mistaken ). but here today it was something, a bit simple. the pattern recognition is also more faster and easier. that technology for now works on FLV, which means it will be later on work on Flash lite . they still didn’t complete it yet but i wish they later on using the FLV format. the monetizing concept is the same like you can see on the football field when there’s a logo of sponsor appear on the centre of the field at the beginning, which was based on the location of that live telecast time. and i just love what Mr Roni said,

we don’t, infact, have a concrete business module because we’re the crazy bunch of guys who taught we can change the world! ( bunyinya lebih kurang macam ni )

a really-really inspiring input there.

next is a lunch. haha. lunch stail kenduri, eat at floor. met kerismelayu, arif azraii, bat infomalaya.

after lunch, a bit late join in the Nokia session. showcased M-Travelogue Shopping Mall: Suria KLCC Unofficial Guide to Mr Henry Wong. He’s amazed with what we did with Flash Lite. Also met Josh Lim. So agitated to know about morph.Well morph, i don’t think it will be sooner. honestly i think i’ll be dead when the morph has been created. After that session, met again with Stephanie Wong from Teras One Solutions that I’ve met for Blogger review, Photoshop CS3. Previously she was in the Monetizing Youtube session. She was asking about getting Adobe Certified Trainer or Community Experts so that I can teach people. hoho. surely one day.

Then i join in a bit, i think, not my type, well a bit too educated session. Conducted by Mr Scientist that playing werewolf last night. Sorry forgot your name. Move on to Health 2.0. a bit of my type bur dozing off sometimes. maybe just too tired. then after that, skip the talk because meeting Jean-Yves Sireau from that email me to meet me today. And after that,off to Aggressive Web Development.

Another brilliant input i must say. how to stay focus, stay healthy, and stay in the line in web development industry. love and appreciate the mistake because mistake is what enhancing you. and with every project completed, it’s a rolling stone that will never be stopped. so keep on rolling.

next is, oho, the developer and entrepreneur gangbang by khailee, kris khaira and arzumy. the concept of co-working is new in malaysia. i’ve working in cafe and mamak and a supply for a rented places just for a day or two will suit the demand for growing talent of freelancers here in malaysia. well i’m not a freelancer because i have a company but due to fact that we’re closely working with our clients in KL, we didn’t use the office in cyberjaya due to the petrol issues. and i really looking forward for the co-working concept.

with that, the talk ends for day 1 and right now I’m at Mamak Kari Kepala Ikan, finishing my keynote, with flavert’s soon-to-be junior programmer, odin. and this post, marks the 9th place of my mobile office.

for more news and updates, log on to barcamp malaysia website.

Jul 2008

the day i lost my focus

suddenly stormed with so many task actually
juggling with different things
makes me albeit wear out ( betul ke penggunaan albeit kat sini.. main taram je )
meeting here and going there, rushing there too
i just need some assistant perhaps. but.. i’m a choosy person indeed, a real choosy….
i even think twice, and thrice, before i buy something, from food to trousers and even, what nescafe i should drink to boost me up.
that makes me an either, careful-decision-maker or, just another lousy-decision-maker for unable to think faster than the speed of lights
some say, leaders actually have a knack, a snap, to decide faster and know it was a right decision,
and maybe this is the right time, to expand the company
and this is the day, i think, i lost my focus terribly, and after this, i shall not!

“Allah tidak akan membebankan hamba-Nya, melainkan dari apa yang termampu”

Jul 2008

Mari BerCamping di BarCamp Malaysia

Adakah anda suka BerCamping?

Dan adakah anda salah seorang techie, programmer, seorang yg suka menggelarkan diri sendiri ‘pengikut teknologi’, pengamal tegar Web Standards, CSS, Flex , Flash Lite, Silverlight, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Joomla, ape ape lah ( aku pun tak faham ape aku nak cakap ni )

Tak pernah langsung berniat nak jadi geek/nerds tapi bercita-cita untuk menjadi salah seorang darinya,

Tensen dengan kerja dan rasa nak berhenti kerja, nak buat sesuatu yang anda suka tapi tak konfiden dengan masa depan selepas tu ( dlm kes nak buat ape dan sebagainya )

Adakah anda rasa ketinggalan dengan teknologi-teknologi terbaru seperti Facebook, Web 2.0, Music 2.0 cara cara membuat duit melalui youtube,

atau mungkin anda seorang jejaka/wanita kesunyian di hujung minggu yang tidak kisah untuk meluangkan masa mencari pasangan baru dikalangan mereka yang ….. bermain dengan code, nerd, geek.

Siapa kata pasangan nerd/geek tidak romantik? Adobe Master tu. mereka siap menulis buku bersama-sama. mereka bermain dengan code sepanjang masa.

( apsal aku melalut-lalut macam lalat ni )

hadirkan diri anda ke BarCamp Malaysia, 26-27 July di xTrain, Megan Avenue, Kuala Lumpur.

P/S: Saya kasi talk pasal Flash Lite. maklumat pasal talk di blog company ya. Clacktiel!

Jul 2008

Treat Yourself

Teguran buat diri sendiri dan juga rakan2 yang sedang bekerja, jgn lupa treat yourself. bukan ape, bebaru ni wat kerja kat ofis client sbb  dia nak cepat. 24 so, abah aku call aku pada hari ahad.

abah:wan malam ni balik rumah tak ?
me: aa balik lambat kot. 3-4pagi. nape?
abah: oo takdela. takyah balik rumah
me: eh pasepa lak ? tido mana
abah: keje kat mana? damansara kan ?
me: aah. nape ?
abah: ha pergi la hotel berdekatan tidur kat situ. ape eastin hotel? baru bayar berape je utk tido malam tu kat situ. mandi, tido, pastu esok pagi ade sarapan kan. baru RM200. dapat duit utk keje tu kan banyak. gi la relax2 hari ahad camni.
me: abah pun keje kan ade breakdown tadik ( chargeman a.k.a penjaga jentera letrik .. bukan jaga tido )
abah: eh ni abah balik bawak lamb chop chicken chop. balik penat, makan puas enjoy hilang penat kerja. kalo wan, gi la hotel sebelah tu. dah kul 3-4pagi mandi tido esok pagi ada sarapan hotel tu. tayah merempit memalam balik.
me: abah buang tebiat??
abah: tak. nak kata yang duit dapat tu, selain buat simpan, guna la sikit utk rehatkan badan. jgn lupa kalo wan tak sihat, company tak jalan. so rehat secukupnya gi la hotel.
me: arr oke tengokla camne ahaha. tenkiu2.

agak kebusy-an. sabtu jumpa member dari penang mintak tolong flash. pastu terima kasih pada RoshFaizal sbb introducekan aku pada client ni utk buat montaj event derang yg akan aku uploadkan nanti. pastu dari sabtu petang tu sampai la ahad tengahari kat opis client tu. pastu pergi IIS Setiawangsa disamping volunteer makan, jumpa client gak yg mempunyai proposal bisnes sangat menarik. pastu, plan nak gi opis terus tapi balik rumah jap mandi. hanya 2 jam kat rumah dan aku ke damansara semula.

oh aku menjerumuskan diriku ke satu mende yang takle blah. kasik talk kat BarCamp Malaysia pasal Flash Lite. mehla dtg ye. waa keynote tak prepare lagi gugu.

Jul 2008
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