Dynamic Team Singapore : Day5

finally, the last day of our trip at singapore and the end of our journey here.


so sad to leave this bungalow. haha. so we start the morning with the closing ceremony at Jamiyah HQ.


picture clicky

then, we have our lunch there and friday prayer just inside the Jamiyah building. Jamiyah building consist of 8 levels including the underground parking level and their level 2 is the Mosque. after friday prayer, we went for tour around the Singapore. ( around la sangat :p )


dsc_03645.jpgso our first destination is Sultan Mosque. our tour guide today was Kak Hawa. oh just want to add some info about Sultan Mosque. “Masjid Sultan (Malay for Sultan Mosque; simplified Chinese: 苏丹回教堂; pinyin: Sūdān Huìjiàotáng) is located at Muscat Street and North Bridge Road within the Kampong Glam district of Rochor Planning Area in Singapore. The mosque is considered one of the most important mosques in Singapore. The prayer hall and domes highlight the mosque’s star features.” – source.

oh. alongside the Mosque there was a street of souvenir shop. we’re didn’t miss this chance to bought souvenirs for family and friends. most of us kinda regret that we bought souvenir at Mustafa Centre because the souvenirs here were cheaper than Mustafa Centre. there’s a lot of Tudung, selendang, being sold here. i went here before to enjoy kacang pool last year.

oh well, picture spam here.



wahab kecoh ade kedai nama dia


razak pun kecoh gak la ade kedai nama dia.


then we went to Malay Heritage Centre, a.k.a Istana Kampong Gelam. However we didn’t went inside and taking picture outside.


apsal pelik2 la derang posing khalid siap korek idung.. clicky. ustaz tengok bawah.. banyak betul barang dia beli.. ahueahua


ustaz: ustaz sapu semuuuaaaa barang kat kedai tadi…. [] razak : fuyooo!!


ustaz : pastu duit tinggal sikit ni [] razak: hahah ustaz ni.. { dialog adelah rekaan semata-mata }

then we’re heading to another shopping places, Bugis Street. on the way, Shah, share his Choki-Choki. dalam banyak banyak orang lain beli souvenir bawak balik, choki-choki gak dibelinya. kami tak melepaskan peluang utk mengepaw choki-choki dan bergambar bersama-sama. berape dollar la choki2 nih.



and here, the souvenirs were more cheaper. really. the more place we went, the cheaper it gets. below, 18 keychains for 10 dollars.



peluang bershopping mmg tak dilepaskan oleh mereka ini.

after that, we went to Zan Zam restaurant, to enjoy Murtabak recommended by Kak Hawa. the murtabak was pretty big. it’s a bit different from malaysian murtabak. their murtabak is more like roti canai stuffed with chicken/beef inside. big.


then, after that, we went to another restaurant to enjoy bone stick a.k.a sup tulang. on the way, we saw AlSagoff Arab School.


here i present to you, the bone stick that was famous in singapore. urm, famous because lissa, hawa, and rafi din always tell us about how good the bone stick was.


served alongside the bread. but here take a closer look.


don’t worry. it’s not as spicy as its color. we struggle to eat this bone stick to it’s … sum-sum

and here the hungry funny faces enjoying it.


wahab and yussamir.. beradab sungguh makan.


sarawak.. lagi sampai high


aku ngan edry, kami food enthusiast mmg makan camni. menghayati. (tengok tangan edry pegang tulang tu.. takle blah)

then, we’re heading back to Jamiyah HQ to board their buses to send us to Pasir Panjang KTM Station.

on the way, we saw Malabar Mosque.


and after that, battery wears out. thus, ends of the post of Dynamic Team Singapore.

I would like to thank

  • Kak Lissa, Kak Hawa, and abg Rafi Din for their help in fulfilling our needs and care in this trip
  • abg rahim for driving us anywhere we would ask
  • En Hamid (Darul Takrim), En Sharif(Darul Islah) and En Sophian(Darul Ma’wa) for the time you spend with us and sharing your experience in managing and administrating Jamiyah premises.
  • Mr Hosni, Mr Hasbi, Mr Md Nor, for acknowledgment and support towards this programme.
  • and jamiyah workers/volunteers that help us during this whole trip.
  • the committee of Dynamic Team Singapore for inviting me as an adviser ( I’m no longer a student so this is my post :p, ) as a navigator, photographer,
  • oh and lastly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who are donating to Darul Ma’wa, Jamiyah Children Home at Causeway Point or at the whole island of Singapore. Your donation will help them.
Jun 2008

9 Responses to : Dynamic Team Singapore : Day5

  1. syia says:

    awk mati2 syia ingat wahab textiles tu kedai kain.. lame2 tgk pic tu..ada lak dia tulis money changers

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    eh.. dia kedai kain + money changer la.. dia campur campur haha

  3. sarawak says:

    hua.. nyesal beli keychain kat mustafa.. mahal giler..

    dan2 ko letak gmbr aku tgh high makan sup tulang..ahahah..

    nway, bkn nye kamera habis bateri, aku da penat giler nak amek gmbr.. hahahaha..

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    nasib baik aku beli taun lepas so kurang sikit penyesalan dihati guaguaga

  5. yus says:

    Weh tak leh bla letak gambar aku ngah kebulor tu…hahhaha..
    tapi kira cam sweet la tu…hahahhah

  6. istanagal says:

    syg x dpt join u al ari tu…bagus gak so korang x dpt tgk betapa buruk akak mkn bonesteak…lbh buruk dr tekong sebenar2nya…anyway alsagoff tu sekolah lame akak…10 thn beb!

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    pompuan kalo buruk lantak mesti cool sbb diorang appreciate makanan (takle blah ) HAHAHA

  8. Firdaus™ says:

    ko jumpe dengan lissa lagi la ek…dah kwen lom tu dia? tak singgah umah dia lagi ke mcm dulu, mak dia masak²…ekeke

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – dtg singapo mesti dtg rumah dia nye tidak kecik ati dia. lom kawen. ko nak masuk line ka ? mak dia amsak best wo. aku balun ja. ahaha

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