Dynamic Team Singapore : Day4

Ahoy the 4th day of our trip to singapore. today we went to Darul Takrim, Jamiyah House for the Aged. This home provide shelter and care for the aged and the destitute of all race and religion.


our morning starts there with a brief from their director, Mr Hamid, explaining the function of the house and also took us a short tour around there to show the facilities. the house has 3 floors. it can accommodate up to 180 residents . apart from the room that they have, they also have Physiotherapy room, a clinic, library, segregation room, and a mess hall. the segregation room is when there were old people having problems with other residents, they will be put in to that room till their bad emotion residue.


right after the tour, Mr Hamid bring us to their mess hall. this hall is a place where the residents have their meals, meets, hangouts, and having their morning exercises. we mix up with the residents joining the morning exercises. their exercises is not our ‘Physical Training’ or exercise when we want to do sports ( those aerobic thingy ) but instead, their exercise is the simple movement like swinging the arms back and forth and circling, hip ‘gelek’, and well, i think picture can explain as i’m not familiar with exercise words. the famous song was AAALIII BABAAA.





right after the morning exercise, we serve them their ‘after breakfast’ meals.



gambar diatas clicky. lawak gila en hamid kat belakang tu.



after then, our turn to have our BREAKFASTAAAA!!!


dats a lot of food. blueberry jam, cornflakes with milk, roti canai, tuna with biscuits. wowwww. then farah sms me told me to come to physiotherapy room to see their activities.


you can see they passing the ball. this activity is to engage and practice their left-right movement/coordination.so they need to pass the ball to their partner. now the residents passing the ball to the left side. after that, they switch to the right side. then the physiotherapist change the ball with a bag of… weights? for them to pass with each other. same routine. left-right.


then after that, the physiotherapist change the subject. this time, it’s ‘pouring practice’. they were required to pour the scrabble pieces from one another and left-right.


ohooo.. i think i learn something. from this three picture, they were train to re-coordinate they movement to do house jobs. first with passing the ball. it might sufficient the same practice with carrying plates since they carry it with both hands. then they need to practice passing heavy things, that is the towel with weights. so after they carry the plates, they serve the plates. and then is ‘pouring’. sufficient to pouring water into glass to the people. i don’t know, assumptions. maybe a physiotherapist can comment on my hypothesis :p


this granny was practicing ‘menyuap’.

then after that, it was a free activity so we decide to hangout with residents. picture spam below.



after we hangout, w’re getting prepared for that night event, a culture night with Darul Ma’wa, Darul Islah and Darul Takrim. so we practices nasyid, wrapping hampers and gift and also fixing the Audio /video equipment for that night. picture spamm




en sharif : “semua hamper ni same je.” ( rekaan semata2 )



mr sharif yg multi-talented. disebalik kerjaya beliau sbg pengarah Darul Islah dan mengendalikan kelas2 utk penagih dadah, beliau juga seorang yg well-versed ngan technicalities dan equipment. last year event di singapore expo, saya masih ingat mintak skirting meja dari dia. ni baru tau dia pengarah darul islah. gile kentang.


while busy doing the preparation for the night, we still manage to serve their tea time.

so that night, cultural night, we’re performing contemporary nasyid. culture la sangat hahaha.


opening speech by abg cool mr izuan.


angklung performance. coolness.


then after the cultural night, we also gave gifts to each houses.


receiving the Appreciation from Darul Ma’wa, for our participation for their Flag Day.


to darul Ma’wa


to darul Takrim


to Darul Islah

this ends this 4th day’s post.. just another day update left ahaha.

Jun 2008

6 Responses to : Dynamic Team Singapore : Day4

  1. syia says:

    huYoo.. besh..mcm2 aktiviti :) tp kenape name kan dynamic team ye??

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    itu syia kena tanye abg kool a.k.a ixuan di



  3. Matt says:

    terbaik la tekong!

  4. istanagal says:

    few corrections…Darul Takrim is Jamiyah Home for the Aged…bkn House for the Aged…keduanya director takrim is En shariff (marah die)…en hamid adalh staf…ketiga hall tu ialah mass hall bkn mess hall…tp mmg mess pun haha

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    oo eh.. agaga silap silap.. tp aku mmg dengar derang cakap mess hall da

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