Dynamic Team Singapore : Day3

on the third day of the trip, we were participating Darul Ma’wa (Jamiyah Children Home) Flag Day. at first, we’re pretty clueless about what is Flag Day until lissa explain to us during briefing on last monday. Flag day is a day of fundraising where the volunteers go out and ask for donation for Darul Ma’wa. We went to Causeway Point, Woodlands where we roam around there asking for donations.


We were there from 9AM till 12 PM and from 3PM till 5PM. so early in the morning, Lissa brief us what we should do, like the area where we can ask for donation and area we can’t enter.



one of the coolness that i found out is every person that donating, they’ll get a stickers that saying thanks from Darul Ma’wa. These stickers they will stick on their cloth, showing support to us and also, it will indicate that they already donated. so the committee wouldn’t asking anymore donations from them. but me, of course, still ask for more donations with the “thanks for your donations and donate more to get more stickers :p” – oh i really smile when saying this to the person who already donate.



the girl with the stickers.

and today, apart from us, the committee, there was also chinese student voluntary participating in Flag Day.


so after receiving the container from lissa, we spread out. for the morning session, between 9-12, i roam around MRT ticket entrance. at first, i was pretty reluctant and nervous to asking for donations. i even ask lissa if i had to participate with the reason that i’m the cameraman but she refuse and i have to do it. so i went looking at my friends to see how they did it. i really-really was nervous and very reluctant to ask for donations maybe because of my pride and my ego, maybe because I’m suppose to be the ‘giving’ rather than ‘asking’ and maybe because my father always tell me that “if you want something, work for it, and don’t ask for it”. up till this line that you were reading, i still didn’t know why i hesitated to participate and reluctant to do this at first.

dsc_00202.jpgBut then, after i went to see some of my friends receiving donations, i felt like it was a challenge. and it felt like i was participating in Celebrity Apprentice. LOL.

so with a bold heart and charming face, i went to MRT ticket entrance, where there will be swarms of people after the MRT stops at Woodlands. There i am, standing humbly asking for donations.

“Sir, donations for Orphanage House sir”

“Miss, donations for Children Center Miss”

“can u spare some change for orphanage?”

Alhamdulillah Thank God, the people very generous disregard their religion and race, something very different thing that i saw in Singapore. There was a Chinese girl passing by and telling me “Oh Darul Ma’wa, volunteered there before” and i was shocked with her response. gradually i enjoy asking for donations. my container is the second heaviest but that was because my place is where people buy tickets and have coins, so it’s heavier. i don’t think the amount is more than those who standing in front of shopping complex.

then it’s 12pm, Lissa bring us to her home at admiralty drive. this is my second time went to her house. we’re having lunch there with her family.


after that, we’re back to causeway point to continue our Flag Day from 3pm -5pm.



one of our friends, said that she receive [amount] hundred SGD to her container. all of us pretty amazed. among the amount that have been donated is 10SGD notes, 50SGD notes, but for her to saw a multiple notes of 50SGD going to her container, it was a speechless moment to saw that. from what I see, the scenario here is very different. the people, again, disregard their religion and race, are very generous. they don’t have the hesitation to donate to another people that were different from them. not their own race neither their own brothers or sisters in faiths. i admit, me myself was not as generous as them. I’ve been reading “Berani Kaya, Berani Takwa” written by Anif Sirsaeba. And this day of days(band of brothers fever) shows me the power of money. it’s not a sin to be rich as your wealthy can be used to help a lot of needy people. the dakwah/islah/ our deeds in spreading Islam itself need a lot of money to be spend. so wakeup, be a rich people, and bertakwalah :)

and hello to me myself in the future perhaps that when you read this line, i hope you’ll become a generous man. don’t forget to give and share what you have. your wealthy is not for you yourself but to spend to whoever need it and to help Islam in it’s cause. ( a self-made time capsule in a blog post )

oh and dear donors who happen to read this post, we really appreciate your donations to Darul Ma’wa, Jamiyah Children Home.


after 5pm, we pack up and went back to Darul Ma’wa to give the containers to them. some of the children also went to different places to ask for donations. we’ve been informed that this Flag Day is registered with Singapore Government and Jamiyah can roam around the island to look for donations. we took a short break at Darul Ma’wa before we went to Sentosa to watch Songs of The Sea. all of us pretty amazed with the show but without the ‘cable release’ attached to Sarawak’s D40, all i can take is a handshaking pictures since i have to press the shutter >_<

picture spam


image projection


laser drawing










then we hang around the sentosa island.


infront the stage of Songs of The Sea (clicky)


at the sentosa park (clicky)


in front another big merlion (clicky)

and we deal a big risk to take this picture. why? because we’re on the road and there are 3 shots canceled because a car, a bus, and mpv passing through.

then we went to mustafa for some shopping. I didnt shop any because i went to mustafa two times already. one that is last year during exhibition and the second was last year also, to meet the Flash Lite Experts from Italy.

after that we took a bus to our home and of course, we didn’t miss to buy the nasik lemak.

and this ends the third day of our journey.

Jun 2008

5 Responses to : Dynamic Team Singapore : Day3

  1. syia says:

    cantik pic..awk pkai dslr ke?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    yeyep.. tapi bukan dslr aku nye… dslr sarawak punye. Nikon D40X

  3. istanagal says:

    da day jamiyah spore really appreciated DTS…1st experience 4 i wld say al of them…its obvious dat most of them r hesitant bt its my responsibility 2 ensure things r done da way it shld…no compromise nor exclusion…every1 had 2 do it…& my salute goes 2 DTS 4 their utmost effort…tekong was 1 of them yg x berenti rehat…so congrats tekong 4 da hard work…herannya die x post gambo die tido kt umah aku…hmm…comel gile die tido…

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    ehh ade orang kata aku comel ( nyorok )

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