Dynamic Team Singapore : Day2

on the second day of our trip to singapore, we went to Darul Islah, Jamiyah Halfway House. This is the house for ex-drug addicts. this is where they be placed after imprisonment and before they go back to the community.


Darul Islah located at Pasir Panjang, Singapore. the house can accommodate up to 70 people. but only men. the manager, Mr Sharif said they can’t house women drug addicts because they didn’t have expertise about handling women drug addicts.

we start our day at darul islah with friendly futsal match between us and the residents. at first lissa frighten us that the resides play it very seriously like Shaolin Soccer ( the part where they matches against a group that using hammer, deadly tools ). it was fun to play with them. their team was sponsored by a restaurant and have a competition later somewhere next month. so some of the action shots.




after the game, we’re having breakfast. at their dining hall, there lies a pool table, table tennis, drum set and also aquarium. the residents can use all these facilities whenever they like. it was very different. the residents are free to do whatever they like but no drugs of course. after our breakfast, we hang around with the residents.




then after having breakfast, we attend their morning meeting. morning meeting is an everyday program for the residents to speak out their feelings. this is important to the administration to see and monitor them and to devise any activities for that day. the residents live their life there as a family. so any problems within the family, can settle it during the morning meeting.


we’re watching their morning meeting from behind.


abang cool izuan interviewing Mr Mohan, another superintendent. he was assisted by mr Nathan, also a superintendent.

dsc_00302.jpgafter we and the residents having our afternoon prayer ( zohor prayer ) together, there was sharing session between us and the residents. this sharing session is for us to know deeper about the residents, how their struggles and experience in their life. they were thankful to be here because of the friendly and effective environment in Darul Islah can help them in their rehabilitation period.The person who are responsible for the rehabilitation programme at Darul Islah, Mr Sharif, said that the method he devised is not regimental style. they even bring the residents to watch soccer match between singapore against uzbekistan ( did i get it correct? ) freely. they didnt have barbed wire and fence that look like a prison because this halfway center, is for them to get ready to meet the community. before the residents finish their rehabilitation period at darul islah, they will be sent to work at everyday just like normal person for them to get along in working environment with the people. the money that they got will be passed through the house administration to prevent the residents misused the salary that they get. their money is not for darul islah, but to be use at the request of the residents. in example, if the residents work and got the money and want to give to their family, they have to tell the superintendent and then the money will be passed to them.

after our sharing session ends, there was a Family Haircut. Family Haircut is when the residents commit wrongdoings that against the rule of the house receiving advise from another residents. this method is not to belittle or degrading the person who’re having to face the haircut but also to make them realize the mistakes they did.

another facts that i receive on that day. Singapore canning ( hukuman sebat ) is carried with the person running and canning the criminals. woooo scary.

after the family haircut, we also get to know 3 Darul Islah residents that has been released and free from drugs. they now work in Darul Islah and one of them are doing well in multimedia/IT arena.


after that, we depart from darul islah around 8pm heading to sentosa. but then we’re too late to attend Songs Of the Sea. so we take a detour to city hall where we walk to esplanade and see the merlion. picture spam below.


on our way to sentosa using jamiya’s lorry. mr mohan must be the fastest lorry driver.


since the plan was cancelled, we board MRT to city hall.


on the pathway to esplanade, there was a lot of artistic works placed on the wall. of course, lotsa pictures have been taken.










the place where stamford raffles step on singapore – as been told by lissa.


a weird statue.


we were pretty exhausted and hungry on our way back home,we decide to buy some food at 7-Eleven but abg rafi din, our navigator said there was a tasty nasik lemak just around the corner and has treat all of us a nasik lemak. for SGD 1.20, it was extremely well made. very tasty. just in case you my reader/visitors have a trip to singapore, visit the shop. Zorah Confectionary at Changi Road. that time it was 11PM.



but then when we arrive at home, the door was locked. we have no option but to sleep on the pavement. around 5pm our neighbour wakeup and have the spare key to went inside. and this ends the 2nd day of our journey.

Jun 2008
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11 Responses to : Dynamic Team Singapore : Day2

  1. yus says:

    tidur kat depan rumah ni best siotttt…hahhahahaha

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    sakit belakang dowwww ahahaahha..

  3. sarawak says:

    best giler dok luar rmh..

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    ini semua salah ko… sbb ko lambat.. miahahaha ( mari kita saling salah menyalahkan )

  5. Matt says:

    best siot!
    visit darul islah, men bola lagi..
    keep it up tekong!

  6. syia says:

    wei..takkan btui2 tdr dekat luar tu? x sejuk ke..??

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    matt- thanks thanks rambo ke myanmar.. ahaks

    syia – betul tidur kat luar.. siyes

  8. sarawak says:

    yela yela..
    salah aku..

    to syia- siyes kiteorng tdo kat luar..
    sampai pkl 5.30 pagi..

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    ye ini mmg salah KOO!!!!

  10. istanagal says:

    ni lah hari yg paling aku cuak…bt 1stly tahniah 2 DTS as i gt personal feedbacks from islah bros sayin u guys r da best students attached so far…selalunya diorang x igt ppl yg visit diorang but u guys msh disebut2 smp td…2ndly sbb ghairah amik gambo mase turun lori smp korang salah jln…mmg mase tu marah tau kt korang tp stayed cool je…3rdly bru nk peluk bantal si mat din kol kate korang terkunci…terbeliak jap mate aku…tepon sane sini mcm mak ilang anak…

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